Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Bridesmaid

In The Bridesmaid by Julia London, Kate is trying desperately to get across the country for her cousins wedding without crushing her bridesmaid dress...Joe is also trying to get across the country to start another job in another city.  Thanks to mother nature, cancelled flights, and a strike, Kate and Joe end up travelling together to Seattle by car, train and plane!  They set off on a hilarious journey and quickly get to know and like each other.  With Kate only in Seattle for a wedding and Joe moving there, is there any chance for a future between them?
I loved this novella by Julia London!  She had me laughing on the first page!  The Bridesmaid is a fun, romantic adventure with two great characters who have great chemistry between them.  Julia writes a great, fast paced novella that won't let you put it down!
Highly recommend!!

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