Sunday, October 20, 2013

I'll Be Home For Christmas

In I'll Be Home For Christmas by Jessica Scott,  Jessica gives us a peek at military life through the eyes of both the deployed soldier, and the family left at home.

Vic is being deployed to Iraq again, and this time he has a really bad feeling about it.  Vic is the joker, always making others laugh.  This time he doesn't really feel like laughing...but he does anyway.  Nicole is Vic's wife.  She knows what to expect, but she is still lonely for him, worrying about him, and hoping he'll be home for Christmas.  In Iraq, Vic is torn between wanting to be home with his wife and not wanting to leave his team.  Nicole is really feeling the separation this time...she has her phone with her everywhere, longing for the phone calls to hear Vic's voice and assurance he's ok.  Some things Vic just doesn't want to talk about, even if Nicole wants him to talk to her.  He is terrified of losing her and she is terrified he won't come back.

I'll Be Home For Christmas is a novella in a series, but can definitely be read as a stand alone.  Jessica brings to life the horrors of war...the sorrows, loneliness, and coping mechanisms (Vic learns to sew...).  Jessica also brings to life a wide range of emotions that will leave the reader really feeling like you know Vic and Nicole.  Not necessarily their experiences, but the feelings.  Vic and Nicole are both strong people who you can't help but admire and respect.  I really liked reading about Vic and Nicole also because they were already a well established couple.

I really, really love I'll Be Home For Christmas.  Jessica will make you feel a myriad of emotions from humor, to sadness, to love and hope.  This is one of those books that will make you stop and think about what's really important.  Jessica does this with her powerful, realistic, heart felt writing.

I'd highly recommend this to any romance lover, especially military romance readers.  You won't be disappointed!

5/5 stars

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