Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wilde Nights in Paradise

In Wilde Nights in Paradise by Tonya Burrows you're in for a wild time!

Jude left behind Libby, the only woman he's really loved 8 years ago.  Now he is a former Marine, working with his brothers for their company Wilde Securities.  The last person he expects to come walking through the door for his help is Libby's father.

Libby is now an Assistant District Attorney.  She's good at her job and takes things seriously.  So when a stalker starts getting out of hand she talks to her father about it.  Little does Libby realize he decides to take matters into his own hands by hiring Jude and his brothers to find the stalker.  He wants Libby protected, and is sure that Jude is the only man who can do the job.

Libby is stunned when she realizes what her father has done and who he has hired to be her bodyguard.  She has no intention of letting that happen!  But things quickly take a turn for the worse and to stay safe, Libby allows Jude to take her to hide out in Key West.  In that tropical paradise, Libby realizes she is still not over Jude.  She thought she'd kept her heart well guarded, but being around Jude again soon puts that theory to rest!  Libby and Jude are as attracted to each other as ever, but Libby is determined not to fall for him again after the way things ended between them - no matter how much she wants him.

Jude has always felt he was not good enough for Libby.  That doesn't stop him from feeling the way he does about her though...and time hasn't changed that.  When Libby's request for just one night together turns into a tropical affair while they hide out from a stalker, can they leave it at that?  Not everyone gets a second chance at love...if they can stop the danger, can they keep each other?

I loved Wilde Nights in Paradise by Tonya Burrows!  Jude and Libby were fun to get to know, people you could really feel for when their story started to come out.  Jude has always been the carefree, trouble maker brother ... but in Wilde Nights in Paradise we come to see a deeper side of Jude he keeps well hidden.  We feel his sorrows and pain that he doesn't let everyone see.  Libby is a strong, independent woman who we can all admire.  It seems like she deals with whatever comes her way, doesn't dwell on the bad but moves on.  Or in the case of Jude, she thinks she's moved on, but has she really?

Tonya kept me really engaged in Wilde Nights in Paradise.  The second chance romance between Jude and Libby and their histories both as a couple and individually were a bigger focus of Wilde Nights in Paradise than the mystery/suspense, but the mystery is definitely there and I sure didn't guess the who of it!

I feel Wilde Nights in Paradise is a strong introduction to a series I will definitely be reading all the way through!  I love the setting Tonya used in Wilde Nights, I felt like I could have been lying there by the pool in paradise too!

I'd recommend this to any romance reader who likes some suspense in with all the other action!

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