Monday, October 14, 2013

Promise Me, Cowboy

In Promise Me, Cowboy by C. J. Carmichael, Sage has left the rodeo circuit behind and is happy with her chocolate making shop.  The last person she expects to walk through the doors of her shop is Dawson...the man she fell for 5 years ago, and the man who happened to not mention he was married at the time.

Neither of them have forgotten the other.  Sage still feels the horror, and as much as she doesn't want to, she still feels the attraction.  With Dawson in town for the rodeo, all she can do is hope to avoid him until he leaves again.  But Dawson has no intention of leaving this time...he has a daughter who needs a stable home and he's found a new career...right in Marietta, living in the house Sage has coveted.

Dawson is ready to settle down, and Sage is someone he's never quite gotten over.  Is there any chance for them this time around?  Can Sage trust Dawson with her heart again?

Promise Me, Cowboy is a quick, entertaining romance!  We get to know Sage quickly, and are privy to her inner thoughts and secrets.  I really liked Sage, she managed to move on from her time with Dawson, and  she didn't dwell on how things turned out.  Until she sees him again...

It would be so easy to judge Dawson on our initial introduction to him, but Promise Me, Cowboy reminds the reader that things aren't always what they appear on the surface, and it is worth the time and effort to dig a little deeper.  In her embarrassment over the situation, Sage was quick to judge and run from Dawson.  From my understanding of Sage in Promise Me, Cowboy, this is not how Sage usually reacts to things that happen!

Everyone does make mistakes, and what ever the reason for them, Promise Me, Cowboy gives us hope that depite this, there is hope for love.  C. J. not only takes us into Sage and Dawson's relationship, we get little glimpses of the relationship between Sage and her father, her parents' relationship, Dawson's relationship with his mother and others.  It was really great to be back in Marietta once again and get a look at what other characters from previous Cooper Mountain Rodeo books are up to well as hints of things to come.  C. J. gives us enough secrecy and intrigue that I really hope some of that is revisited in future books!

Promise Me, Cowboy is a sweet romance with some well developed characters that I'd recommend to any romance reader!

5/5 stars :)

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