Friday, October 18, 2013

Nice Girl to Love

Violet Dukes gives us 3 great stories to love in Nice Girl to Love: The Complete Collection!

In Resisting the Bad Boy, we meet funny, easy going Abby who has a heart of gold.  Sparks fly when she meets her best friend Brian's brother Connor, but Connor hides his good self, instead being the 'bad boy'.  He limits his relationships to one month - no matter what.  When Connor and Abby hook up, is she destined to have her heart broken?  Will one month be enough for either of them?  Connor thinks he needs to set Abby free, but Abby just might not want to be free of him.

In Falling For The Good Guy, Brian is finally seeing what has been in front of him the whole time.  Abby is his best friend and has been a continuous support for Brian and his daughter ever since his wife died.  Abby is still trying to get over Connor...but she'll only wait so long and Brian intends to be there when her self imposed time frame is up.  Can Brian convince Abby to give him a chance?  Does Abby want to risk their friendship for the possibility of something more?

In Choosing The Right Man, Abby is going to have to make a choice between the two brothers.  They both want her.  She loves them both, but who is she in love with?  Connor and Brian both want the chance to show Abby how each of them is the right one for her, and they come up with a unique solution so that they can each spend time with her.  It is an emotional, overwhelming time for Abby and no matter who she gives her heart to, someone will be hurt.  But Abby is going to have to decide with her heart what is best for her.

I love the Nice Girl to Love series!  Violet gives us characters and a plot line that will draw you in quickly and effortlessly.  Going from one brother to the next is not something I'm really into and was curious how Violet would play this out, and she does a remarkable job of it, writing so well that there is absolutely no 'ew' factor or comparisons.  All of the scenes from funny, sad, to sexy are written flawlessly and worked so well into the story.

The Nice Girl to Love series by Violet Duke is a fast paced, fun romantic read.  There are serious heart wrenching moments too and that just makes the plot line all the more fulfilling for any romance reader.  You'll have to read the series to see what happens with Abby and the brothers, but you will love it, regardless of who you are hoping Abby will have her happily ever after with.  You will be left sated but looking very much forward to Violet's next book.

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