Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sweet Expectations

In Sweet Expectations by Mary Ellen Taylor, after a fast paced, financially rewarding career in finance comes to an end, Daisy is back in her hometown, back at the family business.  The family bakery is suffering in the economy too, and Daisy is determined to help revive it.

Daisy is in for a lot of surprises in Sweet Expectations...between renovations of the bakery, finding a long lost recipe box and the meaning behind it, and trying to rebuild a relationship with her ex boyfriend Gordon, Daisy doesn't think much else could possibly happen!  But it does and Daisy is going to have to deal with not only the expected, but the unexpected.  With her entire future completely up in the air, Daisy is going to have to accept what's happening and be strong.

Daisy might come across as a bit rigid at times, but she's soon going to realize life doesn't always go as you planned, and Daisy turns out to be amazingly (although sometimes grudgingly!) flexible.

I loved the surprises and the relationships - both past and present - that Mary Ellen Taylor gives us in Sweet Expectations.  You see what you expect isn't always what you'll get...sometimes it's sweeter.  Daisy was a fun character who didn't always do what you thought she'd do, she was really fun to read about.  She has a lot of depth to her character...and we could really see how long past events affect who she is today.

I don't usually like reading books written in the first person POV, but I found it fascinating and so interesting how Mary Ellen Taylor manages to switch from Daisy's first person POV to her sister Rachel's third person POV so effortlessly!  I enjoyed reading Rachel's thoughts and loved following her story too.  There are a lot of interesting secondary characters in Sweet Expectations.  Jean Paul, the baker, really added a lot of spice to Sweet Expectations and if there is a follow up book I'd love to read more about him!  He sounds like someone I wouldn't mind spending more time with!!

After I read Sweet Expectations I found out it is the second book in The Union Street  Bakery series.  Sweet Expectations can definitely be read as a stand alone book...I'm just hoping there is another one!

I'd recommend Sweet Expectations to any romance's exciting, funny, romantic and hopeful.

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