Sunday, February 16, 2014

Charlie's Angel: A Cupid Chronicle's Novella

In Charlie's Angel: A Cupid Chronicle's Novella by Shauna Allen, Gabriel is playing Cupid one last time...

Charlie is feeling the pressure of working in a job he is not at all happy in, tired of always trying to do what is expected of him, not what he wants.  He has dreams that do not include being stuffed into a suit and sitting behind a desk, dreams that were also lonely until Kami came along and rocked his world!

Kami is an unlikely match for Charlie...she's a tattoo artist, doesn't pretend to be someone she's not, and is definitely not looking for love again...she's been there before and been hurt by love before.

With Gabriel's help will this be a match made in heaven or are their differences too vast to bridge?  Will either of them take another chance on love?

Charlie's Angel is an engrossing, fast paced novella with characters you will quickly relate to and love!  Charlie is at a turning point in his life, and I really hoped he'd find the courage to move in another direction.  He's not as stuffy as he might first seem, and Shauna's descriptions of Charlie sure bring him to life...every hot muscle!  Kami sees beneath the suit Charlie wears and is a heroine who will really make you feel for her.  Her past has made her somewhat relationship shy, and the two of them are really making Gabriel work!

The secondary characters in Charlie's Angel were important to the story, but they weren't overpowering so you know it's just Kami and Charlie's story.  Gabriel is of course a strong part of Charlie's Angel and I really enjoyed his point of views, trying to relate to humans!

There is a lot of chemistry between Charlie and Kami, and Shauna writes this into the plot so well...not overly explicit because in this story it doesn't have to be, but it's definitely there!  I liked how she did this, tastefully weaving together spirituality and love.

The length of Charlie's Angel was perfect for the story to be told, I felt that the pace was just right to get to know Charlie and Kami.

Charlie's Angel is part of a series, but I believe that it stands alone very well too.  I'd recommend Charlie's Angels to any romance reader who wants to see Cupid in action!

5/5 stars

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