Friday, February 14, 2014

Crazy, Sexy Love

In Crazy, Sexy Love by Edie Ramer, Sam and Callie have loved each other since they were 4 years old when Sam proposed and Callie said yes. 

But by the age of 6, Sam decided he would never be good enough for Callie and their young relationship broke up.  Even at the age of 6 Callie was devastated.  She had no idea why Sam didn't want to be with her, and at the age of 6 she was heartbroken.

Fast forward with brief glimpses of Sam and Callie (with little interaction with each other) as they grew up to the adults they are today.  Sam is doing what makes him feel whole - he is the drummer in a band that is always on the road and has just won their first Grammy.  Callie is a librarian in her home town, close to family and friends.  Neither of them has ever found someone who measures up to what Sam and Callie have always felt for each other, even if their times together were brief and years ago.

When Sam arrives back in town for a visit after the Grammy's, the magnetic pull they feel to each other - impossible to resist - makes them feel like they are whole again.  The chemistry between them is incredible and they don't waste time or play games.  Their love for each other is true, but can they have any kind of relationship when Sam is always on the road?  And with a crazy stalker on the loose, Sam is worried for Callie's safety if she is associated with him.  Does their love stand a chance?  Is their love the kind that will stand the test of time and circumstances?  Will their first love be their forever love after all?

In Crazy, Sexy Love, Edie gives us a heartfelt romance that was love from the moment 4 year old Sam heard Callie's musical laughter.  I love how Edie starts Crazy, Sexy Love with Sam and Callie's persepectives as children, and she moves on from there.  It was a lot of fun reading about what love means to a couple of 4 year olds!  Edie takes us to different times of their lives so we get a good background on both Sam and Callie - making Crazy, Sexy Love flow off the pages, easy to follow and understand what's happening.

The evolution of Sam and Callie's relationship was both fun and serious, but definitely hot!  They are both great characters that are easy to like.  They are honest people with strong family ties, and they both have a strong sense of self.  They didn't rely on each other but instead complemented each other.  I liked the maturity of their characters.

As with Edie's other books, there are animals in Crazy, Sexy Love that will pull at your heart strings too, and how Edie plays out the animal parts in this is so unique and fantastic!  You will be surprised in the best possible way!

Crazy, Sexy Love is a romance with a touch of suspense (just enough to make the reader a bit nervous!) and characters you won't want to leave!  I highly recommend Crazy, Sexy Love to any romance reader. 

5/5 stars :)


  1. Sue, I'm so pleased that you loved the book!. You mentioned all of the things that I wanted to matter most in the book. Thank you for the great review!