Saturday, February 1, 2014

Haunt Me

In Haunt Me by Heather Long, Justin is trying to fulfill the terms of his father's will, biding his time in Penny Hollow until he can move on with his life.  Between legends, curses, the town council and his work, he has it all figured out.  Or he thinks he does, until MacKenzie arrives in town to live in the house her aunt has left her...the same house Justin needs to do his part to save the town.

MacKenzie is in Penny Hollow to make a new start, to find her muse - she feels like it's meant to be.  She has absolutely no intention of selling her aunt's home to Justin.  Justin is determined to buy the house and has some unexpected help from persuasive towns people.  Soon though, Justin is drawn more to MacKenzie than the thought of buying her house.  As he helps her around her home and they spend more time together, slowly MacKenzie thinks she just might be able to trust Justin...they just might have something.  There are powerful forces at work though...ghosts of the past that linger, and not just your usual hauntings.  Will the past cost them their future together?

Justin and MacKenzie are fun to get to know, and I loved the interactions between them as they slowly began to get to know each other and trust each other...especially MacKenzie!  With MacKenzie, Heather really brings her to life and makes the reader feel for her.  She is determined to be independent after her past, but slowly begins to realize that with Justin, accepting help doesn't make her dependent.  I think he is really good for MacKenzie and I really like Justin for the hero of Haunt Me.  He was flexible with his 'game plan', patient with that and MacKenzie, and seemed to genuinely care.  Once you delve further into Haunt Me, it would be easy to question Justin's actions with MacKenzie...but Heather will keep you reading and move you away from the obvious to something much deeper.  MacKenzie, Justin and the secondary characters and small town feel of Penny Hollow in Haunt Me will captivate you.

Heather gives us a fast paced, paranormal romance in Haunt Me.  Haunt Me is more than just a ghost story, Heather will pull you in and take you beneath the surface to a place you never imagined when you picked up Haunt Me!  Heather's writing is easy to read and her characters are the people of real life, easy to relate to.  Heather weaves a magical, unique story line that will keep you guessing and then surprise you!  With just the right amount of romance mixed with goose bumps of fear, I'd highly recommend Haunt Me to any romance reader looking for suspenseful paranormal action!

4/5 stars

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