Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Little Combustible Chemistry

A Little Combustible Chemistry by Violet Duke is a great introduction to her new Cactus Creek series!  Luke is new to Cactus Creek, hoping to make a success of his chocolate shop and make Cactus Creek his home.  Dani is the brewmaster in the pub once run by her father and now run by her.  

As soon as Luke and Dani see each other across the crowded bar there is definite chemistry!  Dani is beer and Luke is chocolate.  Luke wants her.  He can't stop thinking about her.  With surprises, fun, and a little sexting, Dani and Luke begin our adventure in Cactus Creek.

Along with Dani and Luke, we meet a host of other characters who I hope to see a lot of in the coming books by Violet Duke.  A Little Combustible Chemistry is a fast paced novella with catchy dialogue that makes you want to jump right into book one of the series, Love, Chocolate, and Beer.

4/5 stars

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