Saturday, February 1, 2014

Love, Chocolate, and Beer

In Love, Chocolate, and Beer, Luke has moved to Cactus Creek to set up shop.  His chocolate shop that is!!   Something about Cactus Creek called to Luke as soon as he first set foot in that place.  Along with his good friend Quinn, they prepare to open...and are always trying new chocolate recipes. 

Dani is the brew master in her own bar.  She is everything Luke is not...she's not a romantic, she's rather have beer than chocolate, and she has a hard enough time believing in second chances at love let alone love at first sight!  But the chemistry Dani and Luke create can't be ignored and Luke is going to do his best to get Dani to admit to not only the chemistry, but the feelings.

When a mix up threatens to stop anything in it's tracks before it's started, sending Dani into a tizzy, Luke finds her all the more irresistible!  Soon their businesses are embroiled in a Valentine's Day contest ... ironically the most romantic day of the year for some, and it's almost impossible to separate the business end of romance from the personal.  But Dani is still holding back from Luke, and the longer she holds back, the harder the truth is for her to admit to.  Will Luke be the man to make Dani want to risk her heart?  Can she?

Violet gives us a fast paced, fun, up beat, ultra modern romance with Love, Chocolate, and Beer that will sweep you up, give you cravings for chocolate and maybe a drink of beer.  Luke and Dani are really an entertaining couple!  Dani tries hard not to fall for Luke, she tries hard to be her prickly, non romantic self, but Luke just finds that side of her all the more attractive!  I thought this was hilarious!  I felt like he was a great match for Dani as I read more deeply into Love, Chocolate, and Beer.  He listened to her let steam off, didn't get offended, he poked at her, and he just kept pursuing her...wooing her with chocolate, romance, and Valentine's!

Violet make Luke and Dani real to the reader, not only with their feelings, issues and real life problems, but also with the way she makes modern technology such a big part of Love, Chocolate, and Beer.  I really enjoyed this and it left no doubt as to when this book was taking place.  Violet gives the reader a real connection to the world of the characters, one that they can relate to and make sense of.  Violet also introduces some strong secondary characters in Love, Chocolate, and Beer along with secondary romances and possibilities that keep the story very interesting and make us eager for the next book in the Cactus Creek series.

I'd recommend Love, Chocolate, and Beer to any romance reader looking for a fun read that involves chocolate and beer!  

4/5 stars

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