Sunday, April 20, 2014

Burn For Me

Burn For Me by Shiloh Walker is a fast paced introduction novella to Shiloh's Secrets and Shadows series.

After a tragedy that changed his whole outlook on life, his way of being and the way he views himself, Tate has kept his emotions under tight control, his feelings hidden.  He has a relationship with Ali, but in her opinion it is more of a friends with benefits relationship.  He keeps so much of himself from her, coming and going in the night.  Ali loves Tate, but she needs so much more.  So much more than he's willing to give.

Tate feels so much peace when he's with Ali.  But he's afraid to give anymore.  As much as it hurts, Ali has to do what is right for her or she'll never find what she needs.  It breaks both of their hearts, but Tate is unable to let go of the past and move on.  Until he can, until he can open himself up, if he ever can, Ali can no longer be with him.  Will Tate ever be able to move on?  Or will he stay locked in the past and lose Ali?

Tate and Ali have a smouldering relationship that Ali wants to take to the next level.  As painful as it is, I love how she is honest with Tate about what she needs and wants.  Tate really has suffered, and even as he frustrates you, you will really come to care for him.

Burn For Me is a fantastic, quickly read novella.  Shiloh writes with a passion that will suck you into their relationship and make you feel the emotions.  I love how she ended Burn For Me but left enough mystery and room to leave you anxious for the next novella in this series.

I will definitely be reading all of these books!  I recommend Burn For Me to any romance reader looking for a quick novella filled with passion, angst, and mystery.

5/5 stars

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