Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Innocent

In The Innocent by Shiloh Walker, Jay literally goes to Hell to meet Linc, a man she met and connected with online.  Out of the blue Linc pushed her away, and Jay wants to find out why.

Jay is a psychometric, unable to touch people without experiencing what they are, their emotions, their memories.  Good and bad.  When Jay gets to Hell she finds there is a lot of trouble there, and Linc seems to be in the midst of it.  Surprisingly, Linc is a psychic null and Jay can touch him freely, and be touched by him.  Linc has not time for anything or anyone else besides what is happening in Hell.  But once Jay is there and connects to Linc, she can't leave.  Not only is there a job to be done there, but she has no intention of giving up on Linc.  Not after what she feels for him, what he makes her feel.

When the worst happens though, how can they possibly move on and have a future?  Jay just might have to let Linc go after all.

Wow, The Innocent drew me in from the first page and kept me immersed!  Shiloh gives us a fast paced, pulse pounding romantic paranormal suspense in the Innocent.  Anything can happen, and Shiloh manages to surprise the reader with the unexpected.  The Innocent is flawlessly written with strong characters who will really make you feel.  There is a lot of story in The Innocent, but the novella is easy to read and follow, very well paced.

I would highly recommend The Innocent to any romantic suspense reader who likes a paranormal aspect mixed in.  You won't be disappointed!!

5/5 stars

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