Sunday, April 20, 2014

Escape For the Summer

In Escape For the Summer by Ruth Aberton, we meet three women all experiencing life changes.  They are heading to Rock for the summer, for a working summer holiday.  And what they hope will bring them what they need.

Andi has lost not only her job, but her cheating boyfriend.  She's been lied to, used, and she's not feeling like she'll ever be able to trust anyone again.  Determined to move on, when she meets Jonty, who is like the boy next door she also finds a job with his brother.  Starting to feel good about herself again and pay off the debt left to her by her ex, Andi begins to develop a relationship with Jonty.  With both of them not being completely honest with the other, it's complicated though.  Soon Andi will need to decide if she can forgive him his ommissions as he did her, or if she is going to let the past color her future.

Angel is Andi's younger sister.  Angel has also lost her job and has an entirely different agends in Rock than her sister.  Angel is somewhat shallow and clueless but at the same time endearing in her naivety.  She is used to being taken care of, and is on the endless search for Mr. Right who will be rich and handsome.  Angel is pretending to be someone she's not though, and when her Mr. Right starts to mean more to her than she ever thought possible, can she risk losing him by being truthful?

Gemma is Angel's friend, and now the third room mate in a run down caravan the ladies are sharing in Rock.  Gemma has a never ending love/hate relationship with food, and it's the love part of the relationship that has her being rejected for too many acting rolls, and her agent threatening to give her up.  The chance of being on a reality TV show in Rock has her hopes high though.  When she meets Cal, the former football hero, now the star of the reality show, they find they have more in common than they'd have thought.  But they will have to fight past barriers and social misconceptions if they are to make the most of the chemistry they have.  Instead of trying to change, they might have to accept who they are in order to be happy and have a future.

What will happen after the summer in Rock?

Escape For the Summer is a fantastic summer adventure of three women who you will come to love!  Laced with humor and strong emotions, Ruth will having you wish their summer in Rock would never end.  I really enjoyed the way Ruth wrote Escape For The Summer from three points of views.  She seamlessly writes these and the flow is smooth, with easy transition between the characters and the scenes.  The interactions between not only the three main characters but their men are gripping, drawing you in so you understand not only the women, but the men.  They are easy to relate to characters, and even with the quirkiness of their situations, the sense of realism is definitely there.

The character growth in Escape For the Summer was amazing, and it was fun to watch them grow and change over their summer in Rock.  They all obviously care for one another, and are together, but at the same time are very separate people. 

I love how Ruth brings the seaside to life, so you can taste the salt air and feel the ocean breeze.

From the serious to the not so serious, Ruth gives us a hilarious, entertaining read in Escape For the Summer.  It was an easy book to lose myself in and one I would highly recommend to all romance readers who like a story with strong heroines that will make you laugh out loud as they take you along on their journey!

5/5 stars :)

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