Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Make You Blush

In Make You Blush by Macy Beckett, Joy has been looking for love in all the wrong places.  She is tired of the hook ups arranged by her politically driven mother and father that are all about image.  She is tired of being someone she's not.  When she seeks a little help from a cupcake baker/voodoo priestess then winds up in a tattoo studio, she finds Ryan who is "Spiced carrot cake..with lots of sprinkles." compared to what she feels like is her "vanilla".

Joy wants "...my outside to match who I am inside."  And Ryan might just be the man who can help her do that.  The attraction is immediate, the chemistry is sizzling - "...they had enough chemistry to steam the ink off his skin.", and the dialogue is witty.  Ryan makes Joy feel alive, makes her feel like the person she knows she is deep inside...the one she's been hiding to be the appropriate, good daughter.  But she's still hiding from her parents, who she is and who she's seeing, despite the strong feelings Joy and Ryan share.

Will Joy find the courage to be true to herself and Ryan?  Or will she bow to the pressure of a father who's not the same one she grew up with, pushing Ryan away and hurting them both?

Macy gives us a fun, fast paced novella in Make You Blush.  Joy and Ryan captivate you and make you really hope they get a happily ever after.  They bring out the best in each other, and Macy's descriptives, smooth writing and easy flow will make you really glad you picked this novella up.

Make You Blush is a prequel novella to Macy's new series The Dumont Bachelor's, an enjoyable introduction to the series that will make you eager for more. 

I highly recommend this novella to any romance reader, you won't be disappointed!

5/5 stars

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