Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Cold Dark Place

A Cold Dark Place by Toni Anderson will have your heart racing, and keep you guessing!

Every since her twin sister was kidnapped from their bedroom at a young age, FBI special agent Mallory Rooney has never been the same.  Her life changed dramatically that night, and has never been the same.  Despite resources and her parents wealth, her sister was never found, and no clue as to her where abouts was to be had.  Mallory has never stopped looking for her the cost of having any life for herself, she spends all of her time reviewing the case and searching for clues...searching for a killer.  Not even when she stopped sensing her sister's life did Mallory stop.  She is an FBI agent for the main reason of having access to things civilians don't, always searching.

When it becomes obvious that a vigilante is working to kill serial killers, she is transferred to BAU where she is given the task to covertly investigate this, to find out who is involved.

Alex Parker is a former soldier, former CIA.  When he was captured, jailed and tortured in a foreign country with not acknowledgment from his government, The Gateway Project seemed like his only life line.  Now Alex is a government sanctioned assassin on US soil.  Not what he thought he'd end up doing, but he gets the job done and counts down the days until he is free from it.  For now he has no life of his own, this was the price for his freedom.

Alex doesn't expect to fall for Mallory.  He doesn't expect the feelings she evokes in him, the wants she makes him feel.  For the first time in a long time, Alex finds himself wondering what his future could be like.  Mallory has no clue who Alex is when she meets him through a colleague...but the attraction is like nothing she's ever felt.  She senses his darkness but she also sees the good in him, the parts even he doesn't see.  But with Alex's secrets and a serial killer after Mallory, they might not have a future to worry about anyway.

Alex and Mallory are a great opposites attract hero and heroine, working towards the same purpose but in much different ways.  They are both admirable, strong people who have survived things most people don't have to cope with.  I felt like I got to know the characters very well...Toni leaves Alex just mysterious enough to make you even more intrigued.  Both of them were easy characters to like and feel for.

Toni has given us a thrilling start to her new series with A Cold Dark Place.  The intricate plot with many twists and unknowns will pull you in, and at times have you wondering just what else could happen.  The suspense is high and the romance is hot!  A Cold Dark Place is fast paced with clear, smooth writing that makes it a really great read, a complicated plot but written so well that you won't be lost along the way.  Alex and Mallory have a lot of differences, and Toni brings ethical dilemma's to the forefront in A Cold Dark Place...she doesn't brush them aside but puts them right out there - the black and whites vs. the blurry grays.  Toni keeps the reader guessing in A Cold Dark Place, weaving the promise of justice with the very unexpected.

Toni magically blends sizzling chemistry between Alex and Mallory with lots of suspenseful action in A Cold Dark Place.  At times I wanted to hide my eyes, not knowing if I could face what might or might not happen!  The edge of your seat suspense is riveting! 

5/5 stars :)

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