Monday, April 7, 2014

Second Chance Bride

In Second Chance Bride by Trish Morey, Scarlett risked it all by up and leaving Marietta, heading to Australia to marry her 'true love', a man she met online.  That definitely did not work out, to no one's surprise, and Scarlett is left broke, looking for work and a way to get home again as she carts around her backpack and bad luck wedding dress.  She needs to get home, her mother is sick.  Scarlett is determined to earn the money for a ticket home, no matter what the price to her.  Or so she thinks.

Scarlett meets Mitch in a very unusual way, in a place she really has no business being.  Scarlett is not at all what Mitch first thinks, but the chemistry between them is immediate.  When that little job didn't work out and Scarlett sends Mitch on his way, she thinks she will never see him again.  Fate has other ideas though, and she runs into Mitch again outside of a bar not long after their first meeting. 

Mitch sees the desperation in Scarlett...she needs money and he needs help.  When he proposes that she be his fake girlfriend for his best friends wedding (who also happens to be marrying Mitch's ex-fiancee), an all expenses weekend away and money for a flight home, it's a win win situation for all, right?  Especially when they are both so hot for each other, to make it seem more realistic why not be real lovers for a few days?  Neither expect to fall hard and fast for the other just as Scarlett has finally found a way to get home to Marietta.  She will leave a piece of her heart in Australia when she leaves...because she can't bring him home...

Trish gives us a fast paced, steamy romance in Second Chance Bride with equal parts humor and romance that will pull on your heart strings and have you wishing there could be a happy ending for Mitch and Scarlett.  I really fell for both of these people in Second Chance Bride!  Scarlett has always been impulsive, unsettled, and just trying to find her way.  She is strong and I loved how she was not easily intimidated!  She speaks her mind and does what feels right for holding back for this girl!  She is a woman you could have as your friend, someone you can just feel a connection with.  Mitch wasn't looking to become involved, but Scarlett is like a whirl wind who just pulls him in and he can't resist her, even if it is just temporary.  He wasn't looking for more, but when he finds it in Scarlett he shows her in numerous ways how quickly she's become to mean something to him, even if they only have a short time together.

Second Chance Bride is well written, flows smoothly, and Trish makes it easy to become immersed in Mitch and Scarlett's story.  This novella is the perfect length for the story to be told, a story that will make your heart happy.  I highly recommend Second Chance Bride to any romance reader looking for a quick, sizzling romantic fix with two characters you can't help but love!

5/5 stars :)

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