Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sweetest Surrender

In Sweetest Surrender by Katie Reus, Angel has been on the run for 2 years...running from a dangerous stalker she hopes will never find her.  She's been in Vegas for a few months now, working in Cloud 9 at the Serafina.  Vadim, who works in computers/security at the Serafina, has become friends with Angel. Vadim carries an aura of danger around him, he is mysterious and lots of women are frightened of him.  Not Angel though.  In fact, Angel has feelings for Vadim that are definitely not of the friendly sort...only she thinks he only sees her as a friend.

Angel is starting to feel very comfortable in Vegas with her 'family' at Serafina...but she is starting to feel nervous and has the urge to run again.  Angel brings out the protective instincts in former Marine Vadim, who is feeling much more than friendly towards Angel.  When he senses something is up with her, he convinces Angel to say at his home.  He wants her close.  Soon both of their instincts prove right and she is in danger once again.  Not wanting anyone to be hurt because of her, she has to decide if she's going to run forever...or can she trust in Vadim and her other friends?  When Vadim finds out the truth he will do anything to protect Angel so they can have a future together.  The bond she is forging with him is getting stronger every day, is it worth the risk to stay and face danger? 

Sweetest Surrender is a fast paced, super hot book that will have you glued to the pages!  Angel and Vadim are a great hero and heroine.  Angel is independent and strong.  She does not want to be a charity case for Vadim to look after...and he is just the man to prove that she is anything but a charity case for him!  I really liked how despite Angel's bad experience she doesn't shut herself off from relationships or paint all men with the same brush.  Vadim is one hot, take charge alpha man!  I have been waiting for his story, having been very intrigued by this mysterious man, and Katie did not disappoint!  Katie gives us just enough background on him so that we understand him, and the present isn't clouded by the past.

The interactions between Angel and Vadim are super, and Katie will have you hoping they have their own happily ever after as soon as you meet them and get drawn into their story.  There are some great secondary characters in Sweetest Surrender who you will recognize from the other books, but they blend well with this story so that it can be read as a stand alone.

Katie gives us an enchanting mix of suspense, romance and heat in Sweetest Surrender with unexpected but thrilling plot twists that will keep you guessing, never knowing what to expect.  Smoothly writtten great attention to detail, if you like romantic suspense you will love Sweetest Surrender.

5/5 stars :)

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