Monday, April 7, 2014

Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts, by Tina Wainscott, is a quick, intriguing introduction to the Justiss Aliance and a group of former Navy SEALS who will work there.  

Six Navy SEALS were on an unofficial mission in that went horribly wrong, and only five came home.  No one, not even the SEALS, know the full story.  The SEALS are left to take the fall though.  Tainted as 'rogue' SEALS they are readjusting to life as a civilian way sooner than they imagined they would have to.  They are no longer SEALS, but the call to duty remains strong, the fight for justice and right still drives them.  If they join the secretive Justiss Alliance, it might just give them and others what is needed.

Tina writes a great novella in Wild Hearts.  She gives us enough background to catch your interest and want to follow these men and the action that is sure to follow with them.  I liked how she did this, taking us into each of the former SEAL's lives for a brief period, learning just enough about their backgrounds to understand them a bit better and really look forward to where they go from here!

If you are looking to start a new series with strong, hot, alpha men, I think you will like this one!  I'm really looking forward to where Tina takes us in the Justiss Alliance series.

4/5 stars

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