Monday, May 12, 2014

Bet The House

In Bet The House by Erika Marks, Willa's rival Knox has snatched up the historical home that she's always wanted.  Willa and Knox have always been in competition with each other...his family owns Loveless Brothers Construction, and hers family runs Dunn-Right Preservation to keep the historical homes in Magnolia Bay from losing their history.  To top it all off, her little sister is marrying Knox's brother - something that does not make Willa happy.

With the wedding approaching, Willa and Knox make their biggest bet yet.  They literally bet the house.  But will there be a winner?  Or will the two of them finally move past the superficial rivallry and acknowledge the intense passion simmering under the surface?

Erika gives us a great story with opposites attracting in Bet The House.  Willa is more negative to Knox's positive, but at the same time they are very similar.  Both of them have strong values, are loyal, and don't back down from a bet.  Willa was a bit annoying with her negativity, but is it all a cover?  Her and Knox have known each other forever it seems, and I feel a bit more background about the two of them would have helped with understanding who they are today.  I felt that the characters could have been developed a bit more, taking the reader a bit deeper into them.  Willa does keep Knox on his toes, and the rivalry is amusing at times. Knox is just as intense as Willa, but at the same time comes across as a lot more laid back and positive about life.  It was fun to watch these two start to acknowledge their feelings for one another.  Willa and Knox are both fiesty, and neither wants to lose.  But what are they really betting on?

There is no love lost between them, but a lot can be gained if they can put aside their differences and focus on what works!

Bet The House is a fast paced novella with a couple of fun main characters.  I really enjoyed all the family interaction in Bet The House, it really helped round out the story.  I look forward to seeing more of them all!

Romance readers looking for a quick romantic novella will enjoy Bet The House.

4/5 stars

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