Monday, May 12, 2014

Escape From Reality

In Escape From Reality (Invitation to Eden #3) by Adriana Hunter, would be romance novelist Leila returns home from writing conference dejected, her confidence shot.  When she finds a mysterious invitation from her admired author on her doorstep, Leila take a leap of faith and heads off on an unknown adventure.

Leila ends up on the Island of Eden, in the company of her favorite author, who will guide her as she learns to write romance from the heart.  There appear to be no other guests...until Sebastion shows up.  Is he real though?  Or a figment of Leila's imagination?  As Leila writes from the heart, she also comes into herself as the passionate woman she is.  When what she writes starts coming to life is it the magic of the Island of Eden?  A realistic fantasy?  Or has being on  Eden helped Leila to find what she's always been looking for? 

Escape From Reality is the only book I've read so far in the Invitation to Eden series and though it was not at all what I expected, I found Escape From Reality to be unique, captivating, and hot!  Whether or not what Leila is experience is real or imagined, her charater is realistic and the feelings she has are easy to relate to. 

Adriana is very creative in her writing in Escape From Reality, with a great pace to a story that will take you on an unexpected adventure.  I love the setting of Eden, I can really picture it in my mind, smell the air, feel and hear the water.  This makes Escape From Reality all the more enjoyable, and truly a great place to escape to.

I'd recommend Escape From Reality by Adriana Hunter to any romance reader who likes romance, fantasty and heat!

3/5 stars

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