Monday, May 12, 2014

Long For Me

In Long For Me by Shiloh Walker, Christina Bell is the youngest Bell sibling whose mother went missing years ago.  Now the truth about her disappearance is finally emerging and Christina's life is thrown into upheaval and uncertainty.

Guy is her best friend who she's know for years.  He is the only one who can center her.  He also wants Christina as much more than a friend, but she is determined not to see Guy that way.  Guy also has a connection to her mother's disappearance, one that surprises all of them.  With her life feeling like it is spinning out of control, Christina seeks comfort in the one man she knows can give it.  Will Christina finally acknowledge her hidden feelings for Guy?  Can she face them and the risk it involves? 

Long For Me was a fabulous, well written, fast paced novella.  Shiloh covers a lot of emotional ground in Long For Me, but with her easy flow and strong characters, the novella length is perfect for the story told.  I love how Shiloh brings her characters to life and makes them relatable and love-able.  She manages to incorporate very real problems in Long For Me, one in particular you don't see written about very often.  Shiloh does this flawlessly and manages to make it a strong part of the character.  Not the only part of the character, just one aspect of her and how she deals with it.

The relationship between Guy and Christina is realistic, and I like how comfortable they are with each other.  There is a lot of chemistry simmering just below the surface every time they are together!

I highly recommend this whole series (Secrets and Shadows).  This is the third novella, and I really enjoy how each sibling has their story told separately as we move closer to solving the mystery through the three novellas.  I highly recommend reading all of the novella's to have the greatest understanding of not only the plot but of all the unforgettable characters.

5/5 stars

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