Monday, June 23, 2014

Dream Huntress

In Dream Huntress (Dream Seeker #1) by Michelle Sharp, Jordan is undercover in a strip bar seeking to bring down the owner and his son for drugs.  This operation has significant meaning to her, and she will do whatever it takes to get the job done.  Even if it means not always being honest.  Tyler is a 'former' cop looking to do the same thing for his own reasons.  Unaware of what the other is doing or who they really are, Tyler and Jordan inadvertently meet as they both work on the case separately.

There is a hot, instant attraction between them, but there is also danger to go along with the secrets each of them carries.  A relationship between them would be nothing short of impossible, not to mention very dangerous.  Chemistry has a mind of it's own though, and as they become closer not only to each other but danger, can they have each other and solve the case?  Or as the truths come out, will it push them apart?

Jordan and Tyler are both strong, brave characters looking to do good in a world that hasn't always been good to them.  Jordan has her share of issues and initially it was hard to connect with her or even feel for her because of her attitude.  She did grow on me though, and the little bit of paranormal that comes with Jordan is a great piece of Dream Huntress.  Tyler is protective and secretive, and he knows what and who he wants!

Michelle really keeps you intrigued with the way she draws out the background stories of Jordan and Tyler.  For me this was a bit frustrating at times, but overall I think it worked well with the story line.  With lots of action and suspense, Dream Huntress will keep you not only guessing about what's next, but at times you will be on the edge of your seat!  Fast paced and believable, Dream Huntress is a plot driven romantic suspense that has enough conflict to keep things interesting and enough heat to steam the pages up!!

If you enjoy steamy romantic suspense with a hint of paranormal you will enjoy Dream Huntress.

3/5 stars

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