Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Chatsfield Sheikh's Scandal

In The Chatsfield Sheikh's Scandal by Lucy Monroe, Liyah Amari has come from America to work at the Chatsfield in London for one meet her father, who after impregnating her mother, never acknowledged her except for support payments.  Working as a chambermaid, she is assigned to the rooms of Sheikh Sayed, who is in London with his entourage and fiancee.  Liyah is unexpectedly tied up in knots over Sheikh Sayed, but he is betrothed and Liyah is keeping her mind on her true objective.

As Liyah is finally meeting her father, who still rejects her, Sheikh Sayed's fiancee has run off and eloped with someone else!  An unexpected meeting when they are both drowning their sorrows and a night of really hot sex could have unexpected consequences though.  The next morning, after a lengthy discussion about the possible consequences (and the Shiekh's assistant is part of this conversation), Liyah is whisked off to Sheikh Sayed's palace and country until the results of their steamy night are known.  If she is pregnant what then?  And if she's not, will Liyah return to America?  Or will the quickly growing feelings they have for each other find a future despite their differences?  And is Liyha prepared for what this might mean?

Liyah and the Sheikh were easy characters to get to know in this modern day fairy tale.  I really liked how Liyah was herself all the time, she wasn't intimidated by the Sheikh and spoke her mind.  I thought she was brave and strong for what she was originally doing in London, then she handled the results of her time in London remarkably well.  I felt that she lonely, and the Sheikh, as quick as things moved, really made her feel cared for again.  Sheikh Sayed is honorable, and hotly amusing!!

The Chatsfield Sheikh's Scandal is a easy flowing fast read that focuses on the relationship between Liyah and Sheikh Sayed instead of the cultural differences.  For the length of the story, I felt this worked well.  This is fiction, but I am always fascinated by how people like this might work around their differences, so I would have liked a little bit more about that just to fill in some gaps.  I really liked Sheikh Sayed's family, they were an unexpected surprise and very modern!

The Chatsfield Sheikh's Scandal is a great, quick, fairy tale with some very modern elements that Lucy works in well enough to make it one of those things you think just might happen to someone somewhere!  If you enjoy this kind of romance you'll enjoy The Chatsfield Sheikh's Scandal.

3/5 stars

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