Monday, June 2, 2014

Everlasting (Evers, Texas #2)

In Everlasting (Evers, Texas #2) by Lori Ryan, Katelyn is back in Evers, Texas. With her father Alan ill and her personal life in Austin in humiliating tatters, this time Katelyn is staying in Evers. The place she hasn't lived in since her mother was killed and her father sent her to live with her aunt when Katelyn was 4 years old. "Katelyn had learned at an early age: she wasn't ever going to be allowed to come home." She didn't understand why, she just knows her father doesn't want her there in his world. Now, despite the hurt of knowing he doesn't want her there, Katelyn is not going anywhere. 

John is the Sheriff of Evers. He is also like a son to Alan after Alan saved John. He "brought him back to life". Katelyn has always resented this about John, and that grudge and resentment has never allowed her to warm up to John. Even if she does take notice of everything about him. John is a big part of Alan's life though and he's not going to be pushed away by Katelyn. As they spend more time together, Katelyn's walls slowly start to crumble. There is an attraction on both sides, even if they are slow to admit it.

As things start to heat up between Alan and Katelyn, there is another type of heat swirling. Katelyn is unknowingly stirring up the dust from the past, a past she doesn't even remember. A past no one really has answers to. And someone is getting nervous. As the threats towards Katelyn become more serious and dangerous, so does the passion between Katelyn and Alan. Can they finally put the past to rest, or is it too late for them to have a future together?

Lori gives us some great characters, a lot of emotion, and a well blended mix of suspense, love, and loss in Everlasting. Her descriptive of the town of Evers was realistic and I felt like I could be walking through the center of town with Katelyn. Katelyn starts off giving off a bit of a lost feeling, with a chip on her shoulder. As Lori delves deeper into her character, it is easy to understand and relate to Katelyn's feelings. Katelyn's character goes through great growth, and the maturity and character development are a great part of Everlasting. I loved how Lori brought John and Katelyn together. The sparks were definitely there, but the relationship required some work on both their sides. I also liked the way Lori took the time in Everlasting to explore the relationship between Katelyn and her father. After all this time, and as ill as Alan is, this was one relationship that was very heartwarming to see grow.

The mystery in Everlasting will keep you intrigued, and Lori writes the suspense with great flow, and it's easy to get swept up in Katelyn and John's world.

Everylasting is a small town romantic suspense. In Evers, everyone thinks they know everyone elses's business, but there are unexpected secrets and dangers lurking. The small town feel was perfect, and made the mystery all the more consuming!

Everylasting is book #2 in the Evers, Texas series by Lori Ryan, but it can certainly be read as a stand alone. I'd recommend this to romance readers who particularly enjoy small town romantic suspense.

4/5 stars

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