Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Love Potions

In Love Potions by Michelle Pillow, Lydia was raised by her Grandmother Annabelle after the death of Lydia's parents.  Annabelle was whispered to be a witch, a reputation that still follows Lydia, and not always in a good way.  Lydia doesn't even know if she believes in premonitions, let alone magick, even if her Grandmother did teach her all she knows.  Some of those teachings helped her form her business "Love Potions", that she runs out of her Grandmother's old house, now Lydia's in Green Vallis.  Lydia keeps herself fairly isolated with the exception of her friend Charlotte.  Lydia is completely oblivious to the potential inside of her, of what she really is.

Erik MacGregor is a Scottish warlock, searching for a new home for his large immortal, magickal family.  He finds the perfect estate in Green Vallis.  He is one hot Scotsman, and when Lydia meets him, not knowing what he is, the hold he immediately has over her is spellbinding.  She feels an immediate, lustful pull towards him from the start.  Just thinking about him makes her ache in a way no man ever has before.  Lydia has the same effect on that is blatantly obvious!  Erik quickly discovers that Lydia lives in the only house near the estate.  His family wants him to buy her out, they can take no chances on discovery of what they are.  But from the start the connection between Lydia and Erik is too hot, too real to ignore...even as much as Lydia tries to deny it.  Little does Lydia know that she has powers that connect her to him.

Through magick gone awry, ghostly visits and the journey of self discovery Lydia takes, Michelle takes us on an enchanting journey in Love Potion.  But lurking in the shadows is an evil, waiting to take what it wants to make itself stronger, from who ever it can.  And just when you think it's over, Michelle throws in another twist, jump starting your adrenaline again!  Now that Erik has found his soul mate, can they survive to have a future together?  Or will evil push them apart and win?

My summary really can't do justice to Love Potion, it is a fantastic, 5 star paranormal romantic suspense!  Lydia is a strong heroine, afraid of things but standing up to them anyway.  She has stuck it out in Green Vallis and is not going to leave now!  All of the MacGregor's are so much fun to read and learn about!  Erik might be living in modern times, but parts of him are still old fashioned.  I can totally hear his voice in my head as he stands in front of me in his kilt, Michelle's character descriptions are that good!!  I really enjoyed the way she brought Lydia and Erik together.

Lydia gives us a hilarious romantic journey in Love Potion, and she manages to go from funny to frightening in the blink of an eye!  I loved how she managed to mesh the immortals with the mortals effortlessly so that it seemed real.  The unexpected twists and turns in Love Potion blending romantic heat and suspenseful fear will keep you immersed in Love Potion and dreaming of men in kilts!  Michelle's flow is smooth and the writing is flawless.  I do hope that Michelle will write future MacGregor books, the entire cast of secondary characters need their stories told too!

I highly recommend Love Potion by Michelle Pillow to any paranormal romance reader looking for suspense and a lot of laughter!!

5/5 stars!!

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