Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Turn Up The Heat

In Turn Up The Heat (Pine Mountain #1) by Kimberly Kincaid, when Bellamy finds out her boyfriend is moving away, hasn't bothered to tell her, and oh, yeah they are done, she decides a girls weekend away is just what she needs.  Of course, it can't be that easy, and once she's well on her way, her car breaks down.  Some good things might still be on the way for Bellamy though, because Shane, the mechanic is one hot man!  Even if she's not interested and he is definitely not into city girls.

Shane has a past he won't face, and secrets he won't share.  He loves his job as a mechanic with Grady, the shop's owner, even if that is all he has right now.  That is all he wants.  But Bellamy has him thinking of other things besides work, and in Pine Mountain they can't help but run into each other.  Shane does his best to not feel for Bellamy, but it's impossible.  Bellamy is working her way into his heart without even trying. 

When Bellamy spontaneously stays longer in Pine Mountain, on her journey of self discovery, she discovers just how much she wants to be with Shane.  She is what Shane thinks of as Big City though, and he's small town.  As open as Bellamy is, Shane is a contrast in that he keeps so much of himself hidden.  Are they really as different as they think though?  When Shane's secrets are suddenly not so secret and the truth comes out, can Bellamy still be able to trust him with her heart?  Can she find the courage to follow her dreams even as Shane struggles to find the courage to finally deal with his past?  And can they do it together or is it too late?

Turn Up The Heat is a story that emphasizes there is usually a lot more to someone than what meets the eye, and don't let preconceived notions taint what could be a great thing!  Bellamy and Shane at first appear to be complete contrasts to each other, but are they as different as they first think?  I felt that Bellamy was a lot more open than Shane was.  With his mysterious past, and what seemed to be like too much unhappiness in his life, Shane was a bit harder to get to know.  Bellamy really is like Shane's sunshine!  The dialogue between them is at times witty, at times serious, but at all times has a sense of reality that makes you believe in Bellamy and Shane.

There are some great secondary characters in Turn Up The Heat.  Bellamy's two friends have her best interests at heart and push her farther than she wants to go!  Grady, the automechanic shop owner and "car whisperer", has a strong role with Shane, as does Jackson, Shane's friend.  These people are with us throughout Turn Up The Heat, then Kimberly pumps up the interest level by adding a few newer ones later on in the story.  They all blend well in the story line.

Kimberly does a great job of keeping us guessing at the mystery of Shane all through Turn Up The Heat.  She manages to surprise us, and adds in a few unexpected twists to the plot. 

Romance readers who enjoy small town romance, twists and turns on the romantic journey will enjoy Turn Up The Heat.

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