Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dreamweaver Trail

In Dreamweaver Trail (Eternity Springs #8) by Emily March, Gabi is looking for something, but she's not sure what.  On a journey of self discovery she leaves Eternity Springs and takes a job pet sitting on an island in the Caribbean.  On that beautiful island she not only discovers her love of and desire to make fine glass art, she also meets Flynn.  When she mistakes Flynn for the pool boy next door, he doesn't correct her.  Flynn is at his island home seeking anonymity after making headlines for all the wrong reasons.  He is not at all who Gabi thinks he is, he's hiding a dark past from her, and he's not looking for any kind of relationship.  Gabi isn't looking for a relationship either, after what happened with her former fiancee, she has a hard time with trust.  The island is small though, and Gabi and Flynn end up spending quite a bit of time together.  She can't deny he's hot and she can't imagine away the chemistry between them.  Gabi is cautious, but decides a vacation fling might be just what she needs.  They both feel more than they expected though, and just as things are progressing between them, terror strikes, his secret is out, and Gabi flees her Caribbean escape.

When Gabi runs to Italy, where she is studying fine glass art, Flynn runs into trouble of his own.  Not just trouble, but a horrifying nightmare he barely makes it out of.  Flynn ends up in Eternity Springs, trying to find peace and heal even as he isolates himself.  With Gabi in Italy he thinks he and his dog are safe.  Until Gabi returns unexpectedly and is shocked to find Flynn living in Eternity Springs.  Gabi is even more disturbed by how much Flynn has changed since they last saw each other.  He's mysterious and won't talk to Gabi.  Even though Gabi didn't try to contact Flynn since she left the Caribbean, she still wants answers.  She also still cares and has strong feelings for him.  Feelings Flynn has too.  Flynn doesn't want to let Gabi in though, some part of him thinks he's protecting her.  He feels damaged, not whole, and he doesn't know if he'll ever feel whole again.  As hard as Flynn tries to push Gabi away, she pushes harder to get in.  Will he ever be healed enough to let her in?  Can they both forgive and have another chance together?

Dreamweaver Trail is an emotional romance with tragedy and triumphs.  This Eternity Springs book is much different from the other Eternity Springs books because much of the story occurs in the Caribbean, not in Eternity Springs.  However, Eternity Springs is where Gabi and Flynn come back to.  I loved how Emily writes Gabi and Flynn's story in the two different settings.  The contrasts between the two are great, and she describes both so well that you will easily feel you could be there with Gabi and Flynn, frolicking in the water in the Caribbean, or walking in the snow in Eternity Springs.

Gabi and Flynn are both great main characters.  They come from quite different backgrounds, but fit together so well.  Gabi is stubborn and will do what she needs to do!  She is a character you can admire...for all she's been through as well as the courage she has to take life and live it!  Emily gives us great background on Gabi, but leaves a little unsaid that I might have liked cleared up but it didn't take away from the story.  Flynn's story comes to us more gradually through Dreamweaver Trail, and he's been through a lot of tragedy and loss.  He is strong but he is also a bit broken, and Emily's way of writing about him will pull you right in...breaking your heart a little.  The chemistry between Flynn and Gabi is definitely there, heating up the pages!  I liked how Emily didn't write about this explicitly though, it was not necessary for the story and left some things to the imagination.  I loved the way both of their characters grew throughout Dreamweaver Trail, and how they dealt with conflict (and there is a lot!)... it was a process that could not be sped up.

Dreamweaver Trail is Gabi and Flynn's story told over a period of time...long enough that it didn't feel rushed.  The pace is perfect, and Emily's writing is smooth and easy to lose yourself in!  Most of the secondary characters you will have met before if you've read the other Eternity Springs books, but Dreamweaver Trail can be read as a stand alone.  The secondary characters that are revisited are in the background enough that we don't need a lot of detail on them.  I did love the dog in Dreamweaver Trail, another character who will steal your heart!

At times intense, at times more light hearted, Dreamweaver Trail is a contemporary romance I'd highly recommend if you want to lose yourself in another place for a while!  

5/5 stars

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