Monday, July 28, 2014

Fiancee For Hire

In Fiancee For Hire (Front and Center #2) by Tawna Fenske, Mac needs a fiancee.  A former Marine now working undercover, his latest assignment requires someone to wear his ring.  Mac's sister knows just the person for the job.  Her best friend Kelli has been hot for Mac for years.  Mac hasn't seen enough of her to realize this, and he's never really paid much attention to her.  That is about to change!  Kelli, who is definitely not looking for any kind of long term relationship, jumps at the chance to be with Mac.  Even if it is just pretend, Kelli will hold nothing back in her short term seduction of Mac.  

Playing a falsely engaged couple soon turns out to be more than either of them bargained for when they find out they have more in common than they though, and the chemical attraction soon starts to feel like something so much more.  Having to deceive everyone to maintain Mac's cover, soon things start to feel more real than either of them anticipated.  Is it real though?  Will they survive the dangers of Mac's job to find out?

I loved Fiancee For Hire!!  Tawna easily brings Mac and Kelli to life with their sexually charged adventure.  Kelli is straight forward, not afraid to go after what and who she wants.  Despite her big heart, her past holds her back from any serious involvements, and she is up front about this.  Even as Tawna gives us more details of Kelli and what has made her who she is today, Mac is a bit more of a mystery.  His full story slowly unravels through Fiancee For Hire, and Tawna draws it out well enough to intrigue but not frustrate.

Tawna expertly weaves humor through out Fiancee For Hire, and she had me laughing out loud numerous times.  Within this though, is a more serious aspect, and with her excellent blending of characteristics and scenes, Tawna really made me feel for Kelli and Mac.  I could easily feel their heart ache and their joys through Tawna's writing.  Their feelings and experiences are realistic, making them believable characters.

I loved Fiancee For Hire because Tawna managed to make me feel a variety of emotions, and Mac and Kelli real enough that I'd love to consider them my friends!

I have not read the first book in this series (yet!) but did not feel like I was missing anything in Fiancee For Hire.  I'd highly recommend Fiancee For Hire to any romance reader looking for a lot of laughter, a lot of steamy chemistry and action, and the best feelings when you finish Mac and Kelli's story.

5/5 stars

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