Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pick Me

In Pick Me by Erika Marks, Thea left Magnolia Bay after high school graduation, worked hard, and is now a lawyer.  When her relationship of 3 years is suddenly and unexpectedly over, Thea heads back to Magnolia Bay for some much needed down time.  She certainly does not expect her neighbour to be Calder...the motorcycle "bad boy" every girl in high school lusted over.  Or that she can still feel regret over a kiss that never happened, that he is hotter than ever, and she still tingles when she's near him.  Thea is coming away from a break up though, and is still working through her feelings for her ex.  Calder is only in town for a brief period, for work and family obligations...then he'll be gone again, right?  Thea has never listened to her heart though...maybe it's time she did.

Pick Me is a fast paced novella that packs a lot into it without overloading the reader.  Erika made me feel like I really got to know Thea (as much as she drove me a bit crazy at times!), the feelings, doubts, and insecurities she has all add a very real touch to her character. Calder has come a long way from his "bad boy" image, but he still rides that motorcycle and thanks to Erika I can totally see him on it in my mind!  Great imagery!!  He is dealing with family issues while back in Magnolia Bay, and those issues actually help to bring Thea and Calder closer, even if he didn't want to involve her.  Erika manages to let us look at the whole package of Erika and Calder in Pick Me, and she blends it all together very well.  Their characters are strong, and in this brief novella the character growth is enough to make your heart happy for Thea and Calder.

I loved the integration of Calder's family as a sub plot in Pick Me.  Erika manages to make it completely relevant to the story line and uses it to draw us in even farther.  I also liked seeing Thea's relationship with her sisters.

Well paced, Pick Me is all about following your heart.  I'd recommend it to any romance reader looking for a very well written novella!

4/5 stars

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