Tuesday, August 26, 2014

No Hero

In No Hero by Mallory Kane, Reghan Connor is a reporter who has never gotten over her feelings of abandonment after her father left her mother.  She is jaded, doesn't believe in hero's or that people can live up to expectations.  She believes the public have the right to know, no matter what.  Especially regarding Detective Dev Gautier - the man whose life she almost ruined by exposing a past he's worked hard to escape.  She had "...ripped open the secrets of his past and torn a hole in his life."

In many people's eyes, Dev is a hero.  Besides being a detective, he runs the Thibaud Johnson Center for Homeless Teens - a tribute to the man who saved him.  The unthinkable is happening though - someone is killing Dev's kids.  And Reghan might hold the clues that will help figure out who and why.  Reluctantly they must work together to unravel the puzzle - before Dev becomes a target also.   Spending time together also proves to them both the attraction they once had is still there and just as strong.  As Reghan starts to understand a lot more about Dev and acknowledge mistakes made, will it be too late in more ways than one for them to start again?

No Hero is fast paced and suspenseful with great characters and underlying tension.  Although I did not particularly like Reghan, she was a strong character who Mallory does a great job with.  I liked that even though Reghan had her beliefs about Dev, she is mature enough to do the right thing when she realizes she might have useful information for him.  Reghan grew tremendously in No Hero, and her character evolvement was captivating.  I liked Dev from the start.  There was nothing not to like about this hot detective!  Mallory really made me care about Dev - his present and his past.  With her writing I felt like I knew him.  He is a powerful character with strong beliefs and values.  I liked that he was able for the most part put aside what Reghan had done and focus on the present.  The chemistry between Reghan and Dev is just as steamy as the mystery is frightening!

The relationship between Dev and Reghan is a strong part of No Hero, interwoven well into the mysterious suspense.  They balance each other and both are important parts of the plot.  Mallory carries the story along well, and kept me guessing not only about the mystery of the killings, but how the relationship between Dev and Reghan cold possibly work out.

There are a lot of secondary characters in No Hero, some who will surprise you.  They all have something to add to No Hero.

With suspense, romance and heat, I'd recommend No Hero to any romantic suspense reader.

4/5 stars

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