Monday, August 4, 2014

You Own Me

In You Own Me by Shiloh Walker, protective and in love with his best friend Lizzie, Decker goes to prison for a crime he committed to keep her safe. While in prison, the letter's from Lizzie are what get him through his darkest days. Decker has never felt good enough for Lizzie though, and has never told her how he feels.

Lizzie has moved on with her life after Decker went to prison. She owns a coffee shop, and has been seeing her boyfriend Noel for 3 years. When Noel proposes a whole new kind of relationship, Lizzie is devastated. She doesn't want to lose him or the sense of belonging she has with him though, so she agrees. It's Decker she really loves though and she would never do anything to compromise their friendship.

Decker is finally out of prison. He still loves Lizzie and wants her to be happy. With the turmoil in her current relationship with a man Decker can't stand, he finally finds a way to have what he wants with her...if she wants it too.

The sexual chemistry between Decker and Lizzie is noticeable from the start, even if they do their best to ignore it. I really like these two. Lizzie is insecure, she's not perfect, and she's very easy to relate to. Decker is living with his choices and doing his best to move on. His love for Lizzie is undeniable and I can't believe these two could be best friends for so long and not acknowledge their strong feelings towards each other. For best friends, I felt they needed to work a lot on their communication. I did like the connection they have and that they've known each other for so long. This makes this best friends to lovers novella flow smoothly and not feel rushed. I would have liked a bit more follow up on Lizzie and Decker.

Shiloh manages to give just enough background on Decker and Lizzie to satisfy, while at the same time creating just enough inner and romantic conflict to make the journey Lizzie and Decker are on very heated! I really enjoyed Lizzie's best girl friend in You Own Me, she says what she thinks, and adds that realistic feel to the story.

Overall You Own Me has great flow and the plot is well paced for the length of the novella with lots of steam. I'd recommend You Own Me to romance readers who are looking for a hot novella with realistic characters.

4/5 stars

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