Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Make-Believe Wedding

In Make-Believe Wedding (Montana Born Brides #9) by Sarah Mayberry, Andie has know Heath was the one for her since she was 13.  Best friends with Andie's brother, Heath has yet to figure this out.  For now, Andie and Heath remain friends, and she works for him.

When a Valentine's Day dance mix up suddenly has Andie and Heath as semi-finalists in Marietta's Great Wedding Giveaway, everyone thinks they really are engaged.  Andie is mortified by what she inadvertently caused, and Heath is mystified.  Seeing how Andie is reacting to the news, Heath decides to play along.  They decide to pretend they're engaged and when they don't win the Giveaway, quietly 'break up' after all the fuss dies down.

Spending so much more time together, Heath suddenly is seeing Andie in a whole new light and the chemistry between Andie and Heath is unmistakable.  Soon they are no longer just acting, but can it last?

Make-Believe wedding is a fast paced, easy to fall into novella about a couple of friends who are suddenly so much more.  Andie has always been fixated on Heath though, to the point where no one else will do.  She doesn't act on this though, until she has to!  I really like Andie's independent, strong willed character.  Heath is a hottie!  I admired him for first wanting to help Andie, then not being afraid to move things forward.  I liked his honesty, especially with Andie's brother Beau.

There are a lot of great secondary characters in Make-Believe Wedding, many you will recognize if you've read the other Montana Born Brides books.  In particular I really liked Andie's brother Beau and her friend Lily.  The interactions they have are realistic, warm, and filled with humor.  I especially like Andie's relationship with her brother.  Beau and Lily came across to me as having something simmering beneath the surface, and I'd love to know what their story is.

Make-Believe Wedding is the perfect length novella for the story being told that can be read alone, but I do highly recommend reading the other Montana Born Bride books too!

Sarah writes smoothly with lots of wit and emotion that entertains and makes you feel for the characters.  I'd recommend Make-Believe Wedding to any romance reader looking for a quick, entertaining romantic read.

4/5 stars

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