Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Her Last Whisper

In Her Last Whisper (Dr. Charlotte Stone #3) by Karen Robards, Dr. Charlotte Stone "Charlie" is a psychologist who studies serial killers. That's not all she does though...she also sees dead people. Not just any dead person, but the ghosts of people who have died a violent death. There is one particular ghost who has attached himself to Charlie. Michael was on death row when he was killed in prison. Now he's a ghost who can't leave Charlie alone, and who Charlie does not necessarily want to see disappear into "Spookville". They have somehow built a relationship, and Charlie is doing what she can to help Michael stay earth bound...despite the risks and danger.

Charlie has her own history with serial killers, and has worked with the FBI on serial killer cases. Despite the toll it is taking on her physically and emotionally, Charlie can't say no when she's approached again to help. This time there might be a serial killer in Las Vegas. Last time Charlie helped she almost died...now besides the ghosts she can hear voices no one else, not even Michael can. Now she heads to Vegas, Michael right beside her, with the FBI to try to solve another case. As she gets deeper into the case, the danger also increases...not only from a serial killer, but from the possibility of losing Michael forever.

I really enjoyed this third Dr. Charlotte Stone book! I would recommend reading the first two before this one so that you have a clear idea of the plot line. 

I fell for Michael from the start, hoping against hope he could somehow find his way to stay earth bound in this paranormal thrilling series. I love that with each book the mystery of Michael continues, but at the same time, little pieces are revealed that give an even clearer picture of his character. There are still many unanswered questions I hope will eventually be answered. Charlie is dedicated, independent, and her feelings for Michael are very much real and earthly. The feelings she has are relate-able, putting aside the paranormal aspect. I love the relationship between Charlie and Michael...at times entertaining, romantic, and suspenseful. Karen writes well, and really gives a strong sense of connection between the characters. There is also a living man, Tony, who is vying for Charlie's attention, and he has no idea about Michael.

Her Last Whisper is creepy at times, and Karen manages to make the hairs on my arms stand up! It is a fast paced, well written book that held my interest throughout. Karen manages to expertly weave the serial killer mystery and the relationship between Charlie and Michael together, and kept me on the edge of my seat. With lots of twists and unexpected turns, I liked how Karen ended Her Last Whisper. I was satisfied, but there are new questions and enough unresolved issues that I am really looking forward to Charlie's next book. I'd recommend Her Last Whisper to any paranormal romantic suspense lover. 

4/5 stars

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