Friday, August 29, 2014

Nobody's Cowboy

In Nobody's Cowboy by Debra Salonen, after scandal and controversy put Austen's political and law career in jeopardy, he leaves Helena and comes home to Marietta, Montana.  Flying Z ranch is his ranch, a working ranch, but he's never spent much time there.  Now he's testing his footing as a cowboy...even if Nobody believes he can leave his life in Helena behind for good to be one.

Serena hopes she's left her own problems far behind her, and she's leased Austen's brother's ranch where her life is her herd of alpacas, a couple of llama's, and her dog.  She's put her love life on hold and is focused on her business with her animals.

When Austen appears over her fence one day, she sees a man very easy on the eyes, but too pretty to be a cowboy.  Something about Serena intrigues Austen, even if she's not his usual type of woman.  One minute he's lost, the next minute he's helping Serena with her animals.  Looking at Austen brings all of Serena's good parts to life...and the attraction is mutual.  Serena likes sex and misses it, and maybe a roll in the hay with her hot neighbor is just what she needs.

They get that and much more as they spend more and more time together, getting to know each other, and really enjoy being together.  Their bond grows stronger and even if no one expects him to stay, Serena finds herself hoping in her heart he will.  When his life in Helena intrudes on his life in Marietta, Austen will have to make some big decisions.  Should he be doing what's expected of him, or should he follow his own instincts and heart?

Nobody's Cowboy is a fast paced, fun romantic read.  Debra writes so smoothly and really brings her characters to life.  I loved Serena.  She is independent and brave, she speaks her mind, and she knows what she wants.  I love that she is not intimidated by Austen's interfering family, and neither is she deterred by them.  She thinks because of her upbringing she's different - I think she's great!  Austen is at a turning point in his life, and only he can decide what is right for him.  I liked his relationship with his family, but I found them to be way to interfering in a grown man's life!

I really liked how Austen and Serena were together, they are mature and honest with one another.  Neither of them is making demands of the other, instead they are accepting of each other and their lives.

I liked catching up with some of the secondary characters who I've seen in other Montana Born books, but Nobody's Cowboy stands strongly on it's own.

I'd recommend this entertaining, heart filling romance to any romance reader!

4/5 stars

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