Thursday, March 12, 2015

Heartbreak Cove (Sanctuary Island #3) by Lily Everett

Not many stories can make my heart ache so much but Lily Everett managed to fill me with emotions with Heartbreak Cove.

Misplaced blame, perceived mistakes and lack of support has Andie starting fresh in Heartbreak Cove, a place where she yearns to belong and make home.

Sam has his own hauntings and a past he doesn't talk about.  He is in Heartbreak Cove for more than a visit with his cousin.  He’s brought with him a horse he’s rescued, Queenie, and will spend a lot of time rehabilitating her as well as helping his cousin on her ranch.  Sam doesn’t expect the attraction he feels towards Andie any more than she expects her immediate attraction to Sam.

When Andie suddenly finds herself looking after a young niece she never knew she had, a niece who has walls up and heart break written all over her, Andie finds she will do whatever she can to help her niece.  Even if it means spending more time around Sam, who not only is a horse whisperer, but can get through the walls her small niece has.

Slowly building, the chemistry between Andie and Sam simmers as their relationship grows.  At the same time Andie and Caitlin are slowly making gains, and Andie is gaining her trust.  But Sam has secrets Andie doesn't know anything about and he doesn't want to bring trouble to her or Heartbreak Cove, even as he yearns for a place to call home.

“What would it be like to have someone in his life who loved him enough to never give up on him?”  That’s the question, but will Sam take the chance, stay around and find out what he and Andie can have?

When I finished Heartbreak Cove my heart felt so full.  Writers like Lily Everett are the reason I read romance.  She pulled me right in and made me feel part of not only Heartbreak Cove, but Andie, Caitlin, and Sam’s lives.  I felt so much for these people!  These characters are mature, realistic, and very likable.  I loved watching the relationship between them all grow and evolve through the pages.  I liked the connections and interactions between them, getting to know them, and the slow build of the romance.

All of  the sub plots blending in to Heartbreak Cove are woven in very smoothly, adding even more of a realistic feel to the overall plot.  I love the settings and Lily sets them all up well, from the rowboat scene, to the characters of a small town,  to the wild horses that are what Sanctuary Island is all about.

Very well paced and not a book I wanted to put down, Heartbreak Cove was the perfect romance for me.  Romance, chemistry, no overly explicit sex scenes, and all kinds of different relationships that impact on the main characters present day lives are explored.

Lily finishes the story expertly with enough of a glimpse of what’s to come that I am so looking forward to the next book in this series!

The best romance I've read in a while, Heartbreak Cove is a very powerful book that I highly recommend to all romance readers.

5/5 stars

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