Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Stealing Hearts by Erika Marks

Erika Marks takes us back to Magnolia Bay, a small town filled with interesting characters in Stealing Hearts. Tim and Mick are in a race against time to get their wine bar POUR open in time for their grand opening Valentine's Day party.  When Tim's younger sister Lucy shows up out of the blue for a 'vacation' and Tim is away on business, things really heat up in Magnolia Bay.  Lucy has more going on than anyone would think...but determined not to interfere with the opening of POUR, Lucy keeps her secrets.  With Tim stuck out of town, she digs into help Mick in whatever way she can.

Mick has no intention of staying in Magnolia Bay.  His plan is to leave as soon as Tim has POUR opened.  Tragedy in his past has kept him closed off with no ties or commitments, and no desire for either.  He didn't count on the attraction he feels towards his good friends sister.  He's determined to ignore it, but Lucy is just as determined to make Mick see her as more than Tim's little sister.  As things heat up between them, the danger Lucy is running from is catching up to her.  As the relationship between Mick and Lucy deepens, so does the danger...Will Lucy be safe?  Will two people both running from something be able to stop long enough to see what's right in front of them and give it a chance, or will it be time for both of them to move on?

Stealing Hearts is a fast paced and the story is the perfect length.  I was never bored, but eager to see what would happen next not only between Lucy and Mick, but everything else about them.  Lucy is sassy, determined, and she doesn't get enough credit for all she is!  I like how she keeps going and trying.  Mick stole my heart even if he does try to stay remote.  Erika drew me in with these likable, believable characters.

I liked the blend of real life problems, relationships, romance and suspense in Stealing Hearts.  These kept things lively and help my interest.  Lucy and Mick are the main characters, but Lucy's brother Tim is a strong secondary character and I liked how the three of them interacted.  You could feel a connection between them all and nothing was overly dramatic which I really liked!

I really like the setting of Stealing Hearts, and if you haven't read any other Magnolia Bay books Stealing Hearts can easily be read as a stand alone.

I'd recommend Stealing Hearts to romance readers who like the thrill of romance and some suspense in a small town setting.

4/5 stars

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