Monday, April 20, 2015

The Billionaire's Bid by Kaira Rouda

Book blurb: 

Handsome tycoon James Putnam is acting CEO of his family’s logging company, Putnam Industries. He needs to land a big deal to prove to the board he’s capable of taking over the company. If not, his father’s right-hand-man Walter is more than willing to fill the role. James hurries to Indigo Island alone, certain he has what it takes to land the deal.

Aubrey Templeton is a gorgeous magazine reporter facing a mountain of debt after her parents’ tragic deaths. The only asset she has to leverage is 2,500 acres of land on Indigo Island. She hires Dirk Cooley, a forester, to create a forest management plan for her family’s land and to solicit multiple logger bids to lease the land. Aubrey makes sure James Putnam’s company is included. Aubrey and James shared a night she’ll never forget and she’s certain, once he sees her, he’ll want a repeat as much as she does. What she doesn’t know is that Dirk’s goal in life is to destroy the Putnam family and he doesn’t care who goes down with them.

Will James recognize Aubrey as more than a sexy landowner? Could she become a partner in both love and business? Will they uncover Dirk’s plot before it’s too late? Will they recognize the common roots that lead to love?

My Review:

I like how Kaira seamlessly brings environmental issues to the forefront in The Billionaire's Bid, making it a well rounded, interesting romance!

The hero and the heroine are both easy people to like.  Aubrey is much stronger and smarter than she at first came across to me.  She's had a difficult year and is feeling ready to move on from it now.  It was kind of funny how she was so fixated on one night one year ago she had with James...and he can't even remember it!  After her initial hurt and disappointment, I liked how she just let it go and even managed to joke about it.  She really showed true character maturity not only in how she didn't dwell on this and hold it against James, but how she dealt with everything thrown at her over the year and in present time.  I really liked James too.  He has had a year of self discovery and following a more positive path, and his business on Indigo Island will give him a chance to prove a point not only to the board of his family's business, but to himself.  There is tension and the unexpected thrown at him and I liked how he dealt with it.

There is a palpable attraction and chemistry between James and Aubrey and I liked being along for the ride as Aubrey and James got to know each other as they felt out the future.  Kaira really held my interest as I read on to see how things would or would not work out for them and the island community.

Kaira really gives a good small town feel in The Billionaire's Bid, and how they can not only pull together, but pull people apart too.  I liked the quirky, good and bad secondary characters that added zest and a real individual feel to The Billionaire's Bid.

Part of the series (Indigo Island), The Billionaire's Bid can definitely be read as a stand alone.  I'd recommend The Billionaire's Bid to any romance reader looking for a quick, well paced read!

4/5 stars

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