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Midnight Secrets (Midnight #6) by Lisa Marie Rice

Book Blurb:

Former Navy SEAL Joe Harris nearly died—twice—on a medevac helo after being blown up by an IED. He’s not moving too great these days, but if there was ever a woman designed to jump start a man’s hormones, it would be his new neighbor.
Meeting Isabel—loving Isabel—brought Joe back to life.

Isabel Delvaux came from one of America’s foremost political dynasties, until the greatest terrorist attack since 9/11 killed her entire family. She barely survived the Washington Massacre, only to become prey for rabid reporters. Fleeing to Portland and changing her name was a way out, a way to start over. The only way.

She knows she’s safe with Joe Harris. Not just because he's big and strong, not just because he's part of a security team that obliterates threats on the regular, but because he’s been to the abyss and back.

But as they help each other heal--through talk, through touch, through spectacular sex—the past comes back to play. When Isabel’s memory starts to return and a mysterious stranger sends Joe emails indicating she’s in imminent danger, he'll do anything to help her uncover the truth. Even if that truth is the most terrifying thing of all…

My Review:

In Midnight Secrets (Midnight #6) by Lisa Marie Rice, the romance is hot and the plot is mesmerizing!

I have really enjoyed all of the books in Lisa's Midnight series, and Midnight Secrets is no exception.

The hero and heroine fit so well together.  I liked how their romance was slow to start but once it took off there was no stopping it.  Isabel and Joe are both strong main characters, and Lisa pulled me in easily with dual POV's in Midnight Secrets.  I felt like I really got to know Isabel and Joe, felt what they were feeling, and went along for the ride with them.  Joe is drawn to Isabel the first time he sees her, but he goes slow, holds back...because he knows she is hurting.  When she needs help, when she's scared, he's there and things between them heat up quickly and realistically from there.  Joe wants to wrap Isabel up in cotton and keep her safe, but he doesn't stop her from doing what she needs to do and standing on her own two feet.  Isabel accepts the help when she needs it, she doesn't try to be something or someone she's not.  They bring each other to life.  I love the maturity of the characters and the lack of angst.  It's not a smooth road for either of them...but they just might make it.

The suspenseful politically driven plot was very intriguing and a little frightening to imagine!  Isabel's background is integral to the suspense and it all unravels in a thrilling, shocking way.  Lisa is very detailed in her writing, but not overwhelming, and her knowledge of what she's writing about is obvious, and her descriptions of the people and places are vivid.  I liked the surprises in the plot that caught me off guard, the just right doses of humor, and the good feeling that Isabel and Joe gave me.

There are quite a few secondary characters, some that have appeared in other Midnight books, but Midnight Secrets can be read as a stand alone (although I recommend the whole series because it is fantastic!!)

Midnight Secrets is the perfect blend of romance and suspense, woven together so that each is so relevant to the plot and the outcome.  I was hooked from start to finish!

I'd highly recommend Midnight Secrets to any romantic suspense lover!

5/5 super stars!!

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