Saturday, June 6, 2015

Never Refuse a Sheikh (International Bad Boys #5) by Jackie Ashenden

Book Blurb:

When the sheikh claims a wife, she cannot refuse …

Altair is a man perfectly in control both of himself and the power he wields as regent of Al Harah. Yet in order to retain his stronghold on the country he loves, he must wed a princess wilder than the Bedouin tribe she was raised in. A princess who only has one word for him: no.

Princess Safira knows what freedom means and it isn’t a palace or a crown. Neither does it mean being told what to do by a man with more ice in his veins than blood. Safira is innocent in the ways of men, but the heat in Altair’s gaze calls to a deep, unclaimed part of her soul she cannot deny. Altair seems hell-bent on civilizing her, but she’s not so easily tamed. Especially not when she can sense the wildness that lives in him….

My Review:

Never Refuse a Sheikh by Jackie Ashenden is a well paced book with vivid characters.

I really liked Altair and Safira.  They come together under intense circumstances to a place where neither of them feels they have a choice.  Safira because she is tired of being an object and a princess.  Safira out of a sense of guilt first then duty.  They both stand up for what they believe in.  There is a lot of character conflict in Never Refuse a Sheikh, both internally and externally.  This works so well for these characters, as Jackie writes them struggling through so many things.  I liked what Safira and Altair bring out in each other...the good and the bad, and yet they still feel a connection.  I could feel their connection even as Altair in particular fought it.    They are both strong characters, honorable, and it was easy to feel like I got to know them, and I liked reading as Safira came to understand Altair better and tried to break through his walls.  Would he let her though?

The background story of them is woven in well to Never Refuse A Sheikh, and it was easy to see where both Altair and Safira were coming from with regards to their feelings and issues.

Never Refuse a Sheikh was a very interesting plot, and I enjoyed it.  With just enough heat and a strong plot, I'd recommend it to any romance reader!

4/5 stars

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