Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Taming of the Bachelor (Taming of the Sheenans #4) by Jane Porter

Book Blurb:

Dillon Sheenan refuses to be tamed… 

After three years running the family ranch, sexy thirty-year-old Dillon Sheenan has a one way plane ticket out of Montana. He’s eager to put small town life, with its emphasis on brides, babies, and families, behind him as he’s certainly not interested in being a dad, or even ready to settle down. 

Beautiful single mom, Paige Joffe, juggles a lot, between running Main Street Diner and coping with her money-pit of a Victorian on Bramble Lane. She doesn’t have time for anything but taking care of the loves of her life, Addison and Tyler, and working to pay down bills. But one date–and an incredibly hot kiss–with Dillon Sheenan wakes her up and makes her dream again. 

Until she finds out Dillon’s already bought his ticket out of town… 

Is Dillon about to break the heart of the only woman he’s ever loved?

My Review:

The Taming of The Bachelor is an easy read, well paced book.  The romance is not easy, there are many bumps in the road for Paige and Dillon.  

Paige has found her place in Marietta, but Dillon has no plans to stay.  Widowed with two children, Paige doesn't want a fly by night relationship.  Dillon doesn't do permanent and has no desire for a committed relationship, but he can't keep Paige out of his mind.  Their mutual attraction is palpable and they feel a connection, but anything more than a fling is out of the question.

As Paige and Dillon came together, then apart, the struggle was heart felt and I could feel it and the hurt that was bound to happen despite having no expectations.  I liked both of these characters, and liked watching Dillon's character grow in the short span of The Taming of The Bachelor.  He has a big heart, bigger than he'll admit to, and his actions speak louder than his words.  I could feel the conflict both of them experienced as this relationship took unexpected turns, and I felt a lot of hope for both of these characters who are struggling with past hurts.

It was a lot of fun being back in Marietta and seeing some characters I feel like I've got to know through other books.  The Taming of The Bachelor can definitely be read as a stand alone though.

Jane does a great job of writing realistic characters with real feelings that I can care about.

I'd recommend The Taming of The Bachelor to any romance reader looking for a quick, smooth read with a lot of feeling.

4/5 stars

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