Thursday, June 18, 2015

Too Charming by Kathryn Freeman

Book Blurb:

Does a girl ever really learn from her mistakes?

Detective Sergeant Megan Taylor thinks so. She once lost her heart to a man who was too charming and she isn’t about to make the same mistake again – especially not with sexy defence lawyer, Scott Armstrong. Aside from being far too sure of himself for his own good, Scott’s major flaw is that he defends the very people that she works so hard to imprison.

But when Scott wants something he goes for it. And he wants Megan. One day she’ll see him not as a lawyer, but as a man ... and that’s when she’ll fall for him.

Yet just as Scott seems to be making inroads, a case presents itself that’s far too close to home, throwing his life into chaos.

As Megan helps him pick up the pieces, can he persuade her that he isn’t the careless charmer she thinks he is? Isn’t a man innocent until proven guilty?

My Review:

Megan is good at her job, she is strong willed, and she really can be nice.  Just not to Scott.  I could not connect to or really like Megan at all in Too Charming.  She has been hurt once by a man and she is now brushing all men with the same brush, even when examples of good men are staring her in the face.  She is mean, bitter, assuming, and judgemental towards Scott, and her attitude really over shadowed almost everything and everyone else in Too Charming, which made it difficult for me to enjoy reading Too Charming because there was such an overwhelming sense of negativity radiating off of Megan.

Scott is a man of many layers, not all of which he talks about openly.  He is also good at his job,and he has purpose.  He is great with Megan's daughter Sally, and deals with his own issues in his own way.  His feelings were believable and realistic.  I liked him, but for the life of me I could not understand what he saw in Megan and why he put up with being treated so poorly.

I liked Megan's parents and what they brought to Too Charming.

Unfortunately Too Charming was not a great read for me, but that doesn't mean someone else won't enjoy it.

2/5 stars

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