Tuesday, July 7, 2015

His Touch (Summer in New York Book 1) by Patty Blount

Book Blurb:

When a strikingly handsome paramedic finds Kara Larsen‘s lost toddler, only to lecture her for failing to mind her child, Kara is embarrassed and relieved she’ll never have to deal with him again… no matter how good looking he is. Doesn’t he know being a single mom is a lot harder than it seems?! But when baby Nadia has trouble breathing one night, Kara’s frantic 911 call brings that same intense first responder right to her door… 

NYFD paramedic Reid Bennett has a compulsion to help frantic parents. But after the way he reacted to the beautiful woman in the department store that day, she wants nothing to do with him. But when they bump into each other for the third time in a week, they both know there’s a spark that can’t be ignored… 

And Reid thought he had no interest in long-term commitment. But when Nadia’s father calls out of the blue, Reid realizes he has some triage to do if he hopes to keep his girls… 

My Review:

Do you believe in signs from the beyond?  Kara and Reid do...

Kara and Reid have both suffered loss and it has affected how they live their lives today.  Kara feels that she's never good enough, no one stays for her, and she is struggling to cope with life as a single mother.  She seems to feel that she should be able to do everything on her own, and asking for help shows weakness.  Most days she misses her mother so much it hurts.  Reid has never fully moved on from his past tragedies either, and these color his world today.  When Kara and Reid keep running into each other despite a bad start, they slowly start to form a bond together, and Reid with Kara's daughter.  But Reid doesn't do relationships - he can't risk the hurt again, he doesn't know if he'll survive more.  Kara wants more than the here and now...  As they grow closer and navigate bumps in the road together, will they both realize no one is perfect and they don't have to be alone?  Or is the risk too great to take?

I really liked Kara and Reid separately and as a potential couple.  Although it takes time, and trust, slowly they reveal themselves to each other and I like how Patty did this through out the story.  I wasn't left wondering, but I didn't know everything right from the start, and she intrigued me, making me want to stay in this book.  I loved the real feelings I could feel simmering off the pages and the issues that Kara and Reid face are believable.  Their reactions and how they deal with things is realistic.  Patty brings this hero and heroine to life, making them anyone you could see walking down the street or chasing a toddler!  I liked the way she wove in Kara's daughter in His Touch.  She is a strong, essential part of the story but does not take away at all from the growing romance between Kara and Reid.

Kara and Reid are both stronger than they think, and I liked the strength that the secondary characters gave to them.  The signs they believe they are getting from the beyond and how they interpret them is a great addition to this story...because you never know!!  I also liked how Patty uses real elements of the past (for example 9/11), and that really helps ground this book in reality...especially her descriptions of the place and the memorial now there.

With a very well paced, smoothly written book, His Touch teaches that it's all right to lean on other people, to let them support you as you'd support them.  No one is perfect and you don't have to live life alone.  I'd recommend this hopeful romance that will have your heart hoping to any romance reader looking for a quick read that's hard to put down!

4/5  stars

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