Friday, July 31, 2015

Review: Last Chance (Delos .5) by Lindsay McKenna

Book Blurb:

Last Chance is prequel novella to Nowhere to Hide. 

Lia Cassidy lived through a brutal attack at the hands of two fellow soldiers, but was left with scars inside and out. This is her last chance to rebuild her life. Lia discovers a new calling working at the Delos Home School Charities in Costa Rica. With the help of her new friends and the children she helps at the school, she starts to finally heal. But soon her world is shattered when she unwittingly thwarts the plans of feared drug lord “La Araña” and his thugs. And no one challenges “La Araña” without paying the price. Will she survive?

My Review:

Last Chance by Lindsay McKenna is a fast paced, great introduction to what looks like will be an action packed, thrilling new series.

Former military, Lia lost all of her self confidence after a horrific attack by two soldiers.  In the aftermath of the attack, she lacked emotional support and felt shunned.  Working in Costa Rica was just what she needed...until the terror began.

Lindsay writes Lia's character well, and I really cared for and felt for her.  She has been through so much, she just deserves goodness!  Lindsay's descriptivism and the emotions she portrays through her writing make Lia a very believable heroine.  I felt this introduction to Lia was well done...I got to know her, and while I didn't feel like I was left hanging, I am eagerly anticipating what the future holds in store for her, and I find myself hoping she finds a way to heal.

I like reading Lindsay's books because she doesn't sugar coat anything, she writes it as it is and how it's happening in the plot.  At times very explicitly so, but it is relevant and necessary to the plot.  That is how it is when a drug lord's minions appear in Last Chance.  This was a chilling, edge of your seat part of the plot!

Last Chance is a quick read that's easy to follow and fall into!

4/5 stars

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