Sunday, August 2, 2015

Review: Heart of Danger (Ghost Ops #1) by Lisa Marie Rice

Book Blurb:

Ghost Ops. A small unit of super-elite soldiers so secret only two men know of their existence. Betrayed by their commanding officer while on an antiterrorist mission, the team is massacred. Only three survive—and find themselves framed and disgraced. But en route to the court martial, they escape . . . and disappear.

Beautiful, brilliant, and determined, Dr. Catherine Young is on a mission to find a man who has vanished into thin air. Walking into a high-tech hideaway bearing an essential message to Tom "Mac" McEnroe, Team Leader of the betrayed Ghost Ops force, is the most dangerous thing she has ever done. The soldier she encounters is frightening and suspicious, but her senses reveal the man underneath: tough, honorable, and so breathtakingly masculine Catherine feels weak in his presence . . . But to surrender to Mac's passionate desires would put her life in dire jeopardy. Catherine has a gift that enables her to see into the heart of others—and looking into Mac's is like staring into the very heart of danger itself.

My Review:

I have had Heart of Danger (and this whole Ghost Ops series) in my TBR pile for a while now, and am so glad I was finally able to delve into it! Heart of Danger by Lisa Marie Rice is a book that once I started I couldn't put down!

I loved the characters, the pace and the plot of Heart of Danger. I really liked that Catherine and Mac were both mature, strong characters. Their attraction to each other is intense and the development of a relationship is fast, but it is believable because fast happens in real life too! When you know you know! I liked the trust they developed and the honesty in their relationship. Despite all that they each have going on, the risks, the threats, the past and present dangers, there were no games or angst. I felt like these two were meant to be together, and their relationship fits well with the plot of Heart of Danger. I liked the secondary characters Nick and Jon who are part of Mac's team. The relationship between them is well written, and it was easy to see how close they were.

The suspenseful plot is riddled with intrigue, twists and turns, and the possibilities of the future! Lee is a strong, relevant part of this part of the plot. He is the evil to Mac and Catherine's good, and the balance of this works well with the plot. I liked that I could actually envisioning what is happening in this book happening in the was scary and mesmerizing at the same time. I never really knew what was going to happen, and this made for an entrancing read.

The paranormal aspect of Heart of Danger is woven into the plot well and believably. I liked this part of the plot, the extra edge it gives the overall book is amazing!

A futuristic, romantic suspense with a paranormal twist, Heart of Danger had elements that filled my heart up, had me on edge, and had me thinking that all of this just might be possible in the future. I really liked how Lisa Marie Rice ends Heart of Danger - no cliffhanger, but an easy move into the next book in this series (I Dream of Danger). This is one book I couldn't put down and would highly recommend!!

5/5 Super Stars!!

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