Monday, August 24, 2015

Review: A Little Harmless Rumor by Melissa Schroeder

Book Blurb:

Rumors are swirling about the fall of Sean Kaheaku, but he’s ignoring them. Six months earlier, he had his entire world turned upside down and he still doesn’t know what to do about it. He retreated to his home in Hawaii to recover and reassess what he wants to do now that he’s been burned as a security agent. 

Now lovers, Randy and Jamie arrive in Honolulu to find the lover they once knew is now even more secretive and belligerent. He refuses their help, but they are both too stubborn to leave—especially since they sense something dangerous is stalking Sean. 

As the three lovers spend more time together, old feelings float to the surface and the twosome becomes a threesome. Nights are even hotter than the Hawaiian sun, and all three lovers find the connection exciting and overwhelming. But, the trouble is still out there and arrives intent on destroying Sean and everything he loves—including Randy and Jaime. 

Warning: This book contains three spies who like to play games in and out of the bedroom, hot m/m loving, more m/m/f loving, dangerous games, lies, a few misdemeanors, and love scenes so hot, even most Addicts will be shocked. There is also a group of Alpha males with badges who will have their own series, a heroine who knows how to handle her two men, and two men who know exactly what she likes. As usual, ice and towels should be handy to help you through the book. 

My Review:

A Little Harmless Rumor is a fast paced, steamy hot, suspenseful read.

Randy and Jamie are seeking the missing person in the relationship they want...and when they finally find him, not only are there sparks galore, but there is danger surrounding him too.  Sean doesn't want to put Jamie and Randy in danger any more than he wants to hurt either of them.  The distance and secrets he's keeping from them are not only for their protection, but his too.  He's not sure he can risk his heart while he's also risking his life.  Jamie and Randy are not deterred though, they both love Sean, want Sean, and will do what it takes to keep him.  But can the three of them have a safe future together?

The threesome relationship works well with this plot, and the explicit scenes between them are necessary to move this part of the plot forward.  Their relationship and the danger that Sean faces, the work he does, are woven together well to give a plot with a lot of depth and feeling.  I liked the suspenseful, mysterious part of the plot because Melissa kept me guessing about what was going on and what would happen.

I really felt like I got to know all of these characters, especially Sean and Jamie.  Their stories are both heart breaking and hopeful.

Of course I loved the setting of A Little Harmless Rumor, and could easily feel like I was there.

A hot, suspenseful romance with a twist, I'd recommend A Little Harmless Rumor to any romantic suspense reader looking for a book with a lot packed into it.

4/5 stars

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