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Review Tour for Men Under Fire by Jacki Delecki

Men Under Fire
by Jacki Delecki
Series: Grayce Walters, #3
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 25, 2015

Hollie Thomas, the feisty, tattooed office assistant to Grayce Walters, has come a long way from living on the streets. Along with finding a job she loves, she’s found friends and safety. When her new life unravels, she faces dangers that dwarf her troubled past. Fighting to survive, she discovers that sometimes what you need the most might be found in the one person you failed to see coming.

Returning home from the war and struggling to find his way, Sergeant Nick Welby, and his bomb-sniffing golden lab, use their skill set in the last place he’d ever imagined—Seattle’s Waterfront. To protect the one woman who matters, Nick and his trusty canine partner will risk everything to rescue her and Seattle from disaster.

Embroiled in Grayce Walters’ most perilous case—a terrorist plot with the threat of deadly explosives—can Nick and Hollie work together to save themselves and each other before it’s too late?

Sergeant Nick Welby is only looking for help for his traumatized bomb sniffing service dog when he walks into the office of Dr. Grayce Walter.  He ends up finding so much more...

Hollie is the office assistant in Gracyce's office.  She's finally found her place in life after a long, hard struggle.  Her place in life as she envisions it does not include a man who exudes alpha male like Nick does.  In Hollie's mind they care complete opposites.  Their pasts are very different, and they define them.  But both of these very likable main characters are working hard to leave the past where it belongs and move on to the future.  I found this to be a very powerful trait in these two main characters  The hot attraction between them is unmistakable, and Nick can't let the chance past.  She makes him feel what he never thought he'd feel...and he's bringing parts of Hollie to life she never expected!  It is a very slow, trust building, heart warming relationship.  Neither of them want to rush, and I really enjoyed their journey.

As their relationship builds and they become more a part of each other lives, they are also suddenly entrenched in a search for two missing Marine women.  This search evolves into something far more dangerous than either of them expected, and just as things start looking up for them as a couple, it could just as suddenly be over.

I loved Hollie and Nick as main characters.  They work really well together, and they understand each other.  I liked their maturity and that neither was rushing into anything.  With her writing, Jacki gave me a clear picture of these two...both their backgrounds and their presents.  I was very intrigued and had to keep turning the pages.  When unexpected danger is thrown into their path, it's Nick his sweet dog who step up...can they pull of a very heroic act?  This part of the plot was surprising for me, and unexpected twist to the romance.  I really enjoyed it, I just felt like it added so much more depth to the book.

There are a lot of fantastic secondary characters.  Dr. Grayce almost seemed magical, and I found myself feeling just as soothed as Nick and his dog after their sessions with her.  Oh, and the dog, that sweet, sweet dog.  I love all animals, but service dogs really have a big spot in my heart.  She was an excellent and very relevant addition to the cast of characters in Men Under Fire.

Jacki made me believe in happy endings even if it's a rough journey to embark on at times, and I found myself really hoping that Nick and Hollie would get theirs.

Well paced and easy to stay in the pages of Men Under Fire, I'd recommend this book to any romance reader who likes some suspense woven in!

Thank you so much to Jacki and the publisher for an ARC of Men Under Fire for my honest review.

Jacki Delecki is a Best-Selling, Romantic Suspense writer. Delecki’s Grayce Walters Series, which chronicles the adventures of a Seattle animal acupuncturist, was an editor’s selection by USA Today. Delecki’s Romantic Regency The Code Breaker Series hit number one on Amazon. Both acclaimed series are available for purchase at

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