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Review: Make You Burn (Deacons of Bourbon Street #1) by @megancrane

Book Blurb:

Meet the Deacons of Bourbon Street, bad boy bikers who are hell on wheels—and heaven between the sheets. Megan Crane revs up an irresistible new series co-written with Rachael Johns, Jackie Ashenden, and Maisey Yates.

Sean “Ajax” Harding’s oaths are inked into his skin. Once second-in-command of the Deacons of Bourbon Street motorcycle club, he left New Orleans to protect the brotherhood, and only the death of his beloved mentor, Priest Lombard, could lure him back. Walking into the old hangout gives him a familiar thrill—especially when he gets an eyeful of the bar’s delectable new owner. A wild ride with her is just the welcome Ajax needs. Then he realizes that she’s Priest’s daughter, all grown up and totally off limits.

Sophie Lombard loved her father, not his lifestyle. She’s done with bikers . . . until Ajax roars into town—arrogant, tough, and sexy as ever. And although he treats her like the Catholic schoolgirl he once knew, Sophie’s daydreams tend to revolve around sin. With the very real possibility of heartbreak looming, Sophie knows better than to get too close to an outlaw. But every touch from Ajax is steamier than the Louisiana bayou—and heat like this may just be worth getting burned.

My Review:

Make You Burn is intense, raw, and sexually passionate.   I have been really looking forward to this series, and Megan Crane did not disappoint me!  Make You Burn is a hot and intriguing start to Deacons of Bourbon Street.

Prepare to dive in and meet gritty, questionable but honorable characters.  These characters are not sweet, average citizens.  They boldly jumped off the pages at me and dared me to love them!

Sophie strong, independent and not at all afraid to stand up to a big MC man...especially one she's no stranger to.  Although Sophie wasn't part of her father's MC club and the lifestyle, she was in the periphery and soaked up a lot more than anyone probably wanted her to.  She knows the rules, she knows the codes, she knows the strength of the brotherhood above all else...even above her.  Ten years after being sent away by Sophie's father Priest, Ajax and his brothers in arms are back.  To honor a man who deserves no less in their eyes, a man who was there for them and held them together.  Sophie has always been off limits, but Sophie's limits have been reached and she's ready to take what she wants.  The intense, complex emotions that run between these two were really captivating.  I just really liked who they were.  There was no pretense, really nothing holding them back.  As much as Ajax pulls to Sophie though, the lifestyle of being part of a MC club isn't what she thinks she wants...even if it's all she's ever known.  They are like oil and vinegar at times, and at other times you know they are meant to be.  A forbidden romance that's not as forbidden anymore...

I really liked these characters and how Megan introduced them to me, and led me through their present with pictures of their past.  The feelings Sophie and Ajax have are so real they could scorch the pages!  How they deal with these feelings is unique, but it is how these characters are and it really works for the plot.  The characters in Make You Burn appear rough, but who they are and their actions fit well with the plot and help push it forward.  I could feel their feelings, their struggles, both good and bad.  I could feel how the life style might not be one Sophie thinks she doesn't want...and I liked how in the space of a few days her character grows and starts to come to terms with what she really wants.  What's important to her.

There is a lot of explicit sex in Make You Burn, but it fits with the plot and who this hero and heroine are.  If it wasn't like that for them this wouldn't be Ajax and Sophie's story.

The setting of New Orleans is great for Make You Burn, and the history the characters talk about and the mystery surrounding the past and the present kept me hooked.  I felt touched by Sophie and Ajax, with their rough, deep feelings and what each was going through.  The unexpected twist to the plot that I'm sure will be carried over into the next Deacon's of Bourbon Street promises to be very interesting to follow.  There is absolutely no cliffhanger, I felt that Megan tied this book up well with space to go on.

I liked meeting the complex secondary characters and can't wait to find out their stories in the next book in this series!

Make You Burn is well paced, and Megan kept me on the edge of my seat with these powerful characters and what they are facing.

I'd highly recommend Make You Burn to any romance reader who likes MC books - which I admit are not usually my thing but I am so glad I picked this one up!  I will definitely be reading Fire Me Up!!

5/5 stars!!

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