Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Review: Montana Hero (Big Sky Mavericks #5) by Debra Salonen

Book Blurb:

During Flynn Bensen‘s last wildfire rescue, a woman died despite Flynn’s best efforts to save her. He can’t escape his sense of failure or recurring nightmares, but he can escape to Marietta, Montana, to a new job as the head of Crawford County Search and Rescue. When he meets his scorching hot co-worker on his first day, Flynn feels like he might have just jumped from one wild fire to another that threatens to burn out of control despite his determination to keep a safe distance.

Outspoken, direct, and ambitious Kat Robinson isn’t thrilled to have a new boss—after all, if the timing had been different, she’d have been a shoe-in for Flynn’s job. But a single mom of a ten-year-old son knows where her priorities lay—with Brady, the light of her life. No way is she looking for a relationship and co-workers are always off limits. Too bad Flynn’s so darn hot, gorgeous, kind and authentic.

Will Flynn be the hero Kat needs to help her find the courage to fall in love again?

My Review:

I really liked the believability of the plot and characters that Debra Salonen writes about in Montana Hero.

For different reasons, Flynn and Kat both come to Marietta, Montana for a fresh start.  Despite being co-workers, and Flynn the boss, they are both intrigued and attracted.  Flynn is fighting demons from his past and Kat is looking to quiet the past to move to the future.  Neither is looking for a relationship, but sometimes love happens when you least expect it.  With unexpected happenings and all the issues they are facing, a future together might not be in the cards for them, no matter how hot the chemistry or strong the connection they have. 

Both of these characters are cautious regarding relationships, and they are both facing issues that can happen in real life too.  Kat has a lot going with her own history and her sons needs.  I really liked her and how she dealt with things.  Debra brings a great perspective on what Kat and her son are going through, and I really liked the glimpses of him and his thoughts she gave in Montana Hero.   I really liked Flynn too.  Reading from both of their perspectives really strengthens my understanding of them.  I liked the back story that is presented through Montana Hero, I felt like it really helped define the characters.

There is a lot going on in Montana Hero, just like in real life, and I felt this gave the plot extra depth.  I liked how everything was woven together.  Debra manages to evoke a variety of emotions that really brought all of the characters to life and they went through a lot of growth in this story.  I liked the unknowns that are part of the plot and the work up to the conclusion...which I really enjoyed!

Montana Hero has a good pace to it that kept me interested and wanting to know more.  All about all kinds of relationship, trust, and how the burden of the past impacts the future, I'd recommend Montana Hero to any romance reader!

4/5 stars

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