Sunday, October 25, 2015

Review: His Texas Christmas Bride by Nancy Robards Thompson

Book Blurb:

Join Becca Flannigan and Nick Ciotti as they promise to love, honor and cherish each other in front of their family and friends...and her baby bump! The blushing bride-to-be is carrying double duty& - twins -from one passionate night with a mysterious bad boy. When Becca lands in the hospital, who should treat her but Nick? He's the new doc in town, but his bedside manner is all too familiar...

Becca and Nick begin to bond, but can Dr. Delicious leave his painful past behind him to create a family of his own? Add in Becca's worries about her own future, and you've got one apprehensive engagement! With a little Christmas magic for the bride and groom, this may be the happiest-ever-after in Celebration!

My Review:

His Texas Christmas Bride by Nancy Robards Thompson was a well paced, enjoyable surprise baby read that made my heart feel so good!

I really enjoyed Becca and Nick as they embarked on this unanticipated journey to parenthood, whether it be together or apart.  How they find each other again after a one night stand three months ago is unexpected...and not especially how Becca wants to see Nick again after all that time (something that is understandable!).  Becca had been trying to find Nick to no avail...and now here he is...a man who she hardly knows who can still make her heart race.  There is no hiding her pregnancy from Nick, and together they must find the best way to move forward for the babies sake as well as theirs.  

It is not an easy thing for either of them to do.  Both of them have family dynamics that have helped shape who they are today, and they both still struggle with this and how it affects their lives.  Nick, with a family tragedy that tore his family apart and for which he blames himself.  Becca with a very domineering mother and a sister who she doesn't always get along with.  I liked how they inadvertently helped each other deal with their family issues, and felt that they were good for each other.  I especially loved how Nick was with Becca's family, how he stood up for both of them, but especially for her.  I could feel the strength Nick doesn't realize he possesses radiating from him as he had Becca's back!  I really, really liked how Becca reacted to this unplanned pregnancy.  She didn't push Nick away like too many heroines try to do, she didn't try to pull him in or tell him what to do...she simply was Becca, giving Nick someone to lean on who cared for him, showing him how good he was.  Making him see himself in a whole other light.  For me this made His Texas Christmas Bride a unique, satisfying read.

I liked the secondary characters, from Becca's friend Kate to her family to his father.  They all played important roles in this story, and I was very intrigued not only to find out what Nick and Becca's ending would be, but also how the family dynamics would play out.  I felt that Nancy wrapped this up very well, and she left me a little tearful!

I'd highly recommend His Texas Christmas Bride to any romance reader looking for a hopeful book that will leave you feeling happy.  

5/5 stars

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